• Alun Hill has joint British and Irish citizenship.
  • He was educated at one of the top independent schools in England, founded over 400 years ago.
  • After decades working as a journalist / presenter around the world for CNN and the BBC, covering business and travel, he is now semi-retired.
  • His TV reports included taking a one-day trip from London to India and back โ€“ and a week covering hospitality improvements in Indonesia, followed (after 2 days at home in the UK) by a few days reporting from Barbados on Caribbean rum.
  • His interviewees have ranged from a young, then largely unknown, Bill Gates to Richard Branson โ€ฆ and many hundreds of other people, the famous, the infamous, and the unknown.
  • However, he is still very busy, as he owns / invests in 32 different businesses, across 3 continents.
  • All of these businesses are growing successfully, based on the knowledge that he built interviewing many of the wealthiest people in the world.
  • He continues to run 3 podcast series, write books and create courses โ€“ all dedicated to making any business more profitable, easier to run and, well, fun.
  • His major work currently, though, is his devotion to helping people to both setup and successfully run their own โ€œstart-upโ€ businesses, and every month he heavily subsidizes a number of such enterprises.
  • He speaks 11 languages โ€œin varying degrees of fluency!โ€.
  • Alun is married โ€“ Lisa and he are very proud to be lucky enough to be always together, 24 hours of every day.
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