I’ve Travelled The World …

… making TV, radio and press reports on businesses of all sizes. I’ve interviewed thousands of people – from conglomerate owners like Richard Branson and Bill Gates through to one man bands in Morocco selling car doors – and everyone in between!

House of Lords, London

Dentistry, Morocco

About to fly – upside down!

EU, Brussels, Belgium

Interviewing the RAF Red Arrows, UK

British Airways Flight Simulator

Thinking. The River Nile, Egypt

Taj Mahal, India

NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Mons, Belgium

New Airbus A320 – Maiden Flight

Filming in the North Sea, off Norway

Egypt, Hatshepshut

Launch of new African airline

Marrakesh, Morocco

EU Parliament, Brussels, Belgium (live broadcast)


With a VERY expensive Monet at Sotheby’s, London!

Note to self: don’t swallow a fly when doing a live broadcast in Morocco.

KFC, Wroclaw, Poland – a beautiful city!


Trying to contact the CNN studio .. unsuccessfully!

Travelling Ryanair. Not my normal choice of airline.

Filming Tutankhamun’s Tomb, Egypt

On the London Eye

Cairo, Egypt

Filming on the Red Sea, Aqaba, Jordan

With a closed order of Nuns, Malta


Trakai Castle, Lithuania for CNN

Caught – again!

Petra, Jordan

How to exercise in a suit (CNN). Not recommended!

Cruising – and working!

Road Test – Mercedes

Venice, Nat Geo

Camels, Cyprus

Rolls Royce Exhibition, Boeing Factory, Seattle, USA.

Steam Train, Budapest, Hungary

Optical Illusions, Seattle, USA.

Hilton Hotel, Seattle

San Francisco Cable Cars, Nat Geo

Bird Park, Malta – Ollie The Owl

San Francisco Tram


Perm, Russia