Alun Hill Will Speak To Your Audience

A range of world-class subjects are available, all based on my 40 years of business experience

I love Talking / Teaching / Explaining

My passion is explaining ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative plans.

Most importantly, I am renowned for explaining complicated subjects in simple ways.

Fully Individualised For Your Audience

No set scripts, no set formats.

Every speech is created individually for your particular audience.

Which is how it should be.

Learn From The Experts

Business start ups especially love to hear my “Learn From The Experts” speech.

I cover companies like Soylent, Caspers, Zenefits, Goodreads, BloomThat and more – all based on interviews with the founders.

An Hour of Fun!

A witty hour of fun but educational business experiences.

This talk culminates with how “Richard Branson taught me the easiest possible way to become a millionaire”, which is always wonderfully received!

I average over half a million dollars annually, net, from my online courses.

No one is better placed to reveal the secrets of how to quickly replicate my success. Include this speech in your conference schedule can result in all seats selling out, of course!

And I’ll Stay and Chat!

Chatting with you attendees helps your ticket sales –  and, frankly, I always learn loads, too!


A 1 hour talk is US$10,000, plus any flights, and $600 per diem

I live in Malta, Europe.

Rate includes attendance at any after conference meetings, get-togethers, and / or Q and A sessions.

Negotiable Fees

For start-ups, groups that fascinate me, business related charities I can go much lower

… or even free, if I can combine with my extensive worldwide business travels.

Signed Copies of My Books and Courses

On prior request, I can provide (and sign) copies of my books and courses

40% of the proceeds of all sales goes to you.