Why Clicks and Open Rates Don’t Mean Anything to Me

You come across a new traffic gimmick that promises to send you tens of thousands of visitors every day or maybe someone who bragged about how they are able to get 50% open rate on their emails, or maybe 25% of their recipients click the link in the emails…

I only have one question for these people who spend time maximizing on those things – how do you pay bills with clicks, open rates, and visitor numbers?

Prove it to me, and I will jump in the boat with both legs.

Otherwise, it is high time I say those numbers are just decorations – they don’t mean a thing.

Allow me to use crazy numbers here because I want to prove a point so please bear with me.

Assume your website get 10 visitors and your competitor’s site gets a million visitors.

Out of the ten, five of them buy a $1000 product – you have made $5000.

On the other hand, your competitor fails to sell anything to his untargeted million visitors, but they are bragging about the massive traffic that they are getting, and trying to sell you a product that will help you get those million visitors … while you are quietly smiling all the way to the bank.

Or maybe you send a series of emails to your few subscribers and get 10% open rate, and 10% of those click the link in the email.

Again you will outsell your competitor who is getting a 50% open rate and 25% clicks.

If you think you are doing poorly, think again. All that matters is the bottom line and not success figures on paper.

All they try to show to you is smoke and mirrors.

It is wise if you can analyze and see through this nonsense. It is what you make that matters.

Let’s use a subject line “Naked Hot Superstar Pictures Leaked Online,” and you get 90% open rate.

But inside, you are selling a product on how to make money online.

Tell me, how many sales will you make?

You are likely to get none despite having 90% open rate. Should that count for anything?

No … it doesn’t count for a thing.

Let’s say you are selling the same “how to make money online” product, but your subject line is, “How to make $10,000 a month online.”

This time your open rate may decrease to a dismal 10%, but from the 10%, you make 100 sales.

Which is better?

The 90% open rate and no sales or the 10% open rate and 100 sales?

Therefore, the next time you hear someone bragging about their clicks, number of visitors, and open rates, ask them one question … how much in the way of SALES are they making?

Statistics won’t pay the bills, but sales will.