What Successful Entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t

Andrew Carnegie, the big steel industrialist who likely made more money in steel than anyone else (adjusting for inflation), didn’t know that much about steel.

That’s right – someone at the very pinnacle of his ‘niche’ didn’t know his niche very well.

And here’s the thing – he was the first to admit it, too.

He purposely hired the very best of the best, men who knew far more about steel than he did.

And then he let them do their jobs while he made his fortune.

The most successful online marketers do pretty much the same thing.

They don’t strive to be the best at everything.

They know their strengths and weaknesses, and they’re not ashamed to be who they are.

Carnegie’s strength was assembling and using a great team.

Your strength is hopefully selling your products and services.

You’re never going to be the best copywriter in the world, the best SEO expert and so forth.

You might not know the difference between, say, AdWords and AdSense.

Maybe you can’t even put up a WordPress blog.

And that’s all good.

You can hire someone to handle these things for you.

That’s what successful entrepreneurs do, anyway.

Unsuccessful entrepreneurs strive to be THE BEST at all these things and many more.

They think they must master all of these many skills, which keep changing, by the way.

And they think they have to look like an expert, too.

Which means they don’t ask questions and just pretend they already know everything.

Successful entrepreneurs ask a lot of questions, some of which might sound stupid.

But they don’t worry about that.

Their focus is on making sales and making profits.

They know marketing.

They know how to get sales, because that is their focus.

Everything else, they outsource.

You might want to question how much time you should invest in improving your SEO / copywriting / website building skills, and instead concentrate on making sales.

It’s your ideas and creativity that will make money, not your ability to look great on video.

Have someone make your videos for you while you focus on the important stuff – making money.

In case it isn’t already clear, I’m suggesting that you accept yourself the way you are instead of trying to get great at a bunch of skills that you can outsource. For pennies.

You already know your strengths, so play to those.

Concentrate on getting the business and let everyone else handle all the petty details for you.

That way you can be happier and richer … immediately!