What I Outsource May Surprise You …

I had a lovely email chat with one of my newsletter readers the other day, which I think you’ll enjoy.

We were talking about outsourcing as many things as possible and I suddenly realized that I’d only ever talked about outsourcing business functions – but I do much more than that.

I actually outsource as much as possible.

I have just appointed a Property Management Company to look after mine and my mother-in-law and her mother’s homes in case of repairs, etc, which saves me a lot of time – they also have the staff to do things as simple as changing light bulbs or as complicated as replacing a faulty dishwasher part! 

A gardener is essential, as is someone to look after the pool etc. 

I like both, but I want to enjoy them, not to work in them.

We are lucky here that food delivery from restaurants is very advanced, so that’s another thing that we “outsource” along with cleaning for both homes and for things like ironing.

We haven’t been into a supermarket for almost a year – a local one has a “private shopper” service for no fee – and they deliver for free.

I don’t own a car anymore and have no current intention of doing so, even though my main home is in the cheapest EU country for cars – and I have 2 (empty!) garages.

Taxis and private chauffeurs are cheap – and I hire a car when I need one.

Just for Lisa and I, we hire a small one if we’re visiting locally, something bigger for longer journeys.

When I want to take the family out for a few days, I hire a Mercedes minibus thing. 

Very luxurious and a delight to drive – but I’d be crazy to buy one and leave it almost daily in the garage, depreciating. At my expense.

When I need to get to or from my local airports in Sofia and Vienna (and many other airports and cities, 250 of ‘em, too!), I have the Blacklane app. 

Nice chauffeur-driven Mercedes, no lifting of suitcases – and no airport parking fees. 

And if my plane is late, they know and they wait for me.

In Vienna, London and many other cities around the world, I can rent a car “off the streets” from Daimler owned Car2Go for a few pennies – and leave it pretty much anywhere I want. 

Everything is done on an app, in seconds.

But, Alun what does all that add up to?

Well, many would look at the “cost” in purely financial terms.

But that’s not how you should look at it.

Look at the benefits, please, not the cost.

Giving these jobs to other people not only allows their families to have an income and to pay tax (which helps us all) – it also means that Lisa and I are together 24/7.

We’re able to work, relax and travel together at all times, which works really well for us – I never have to worry about repairs (however big or small) or clean clothes or good food!

I’ll never outsource emails or my service etc, of course, though – I’d never trust anyone else!

So, don’t think of outsourcing as a way to help your business – look at the chores you have in life and look at how much time you’d have if you outsourced even a part of it – time to relax, time to earn …..

So – now you know how I manage to have 3 x homes in 2 countries – and still run 30+ businesses!

It’s your turn now ….