Today’s Post Is Only for People Who Seriously Intend To Make A Good Living (Defined As At Least $100,000 A Year) From Working Online

Today’s post is only for people who seriously intend to make a good living (defined as at least $100,000 a year) from working online.

Do you want to move from zero to 6 figures in Internet Marketing?

Perhaps you’ve seen this happening over and over again, but you didn’t understand what was really going on.

To say the least, this method is a sure way of making six figures in the IM niche.

Since this method was first discovered, it is as effective today as it was then.

There are 4 vital things you may need to know about the system.

There are no push buttons here – you must work.

The method works effectively every time you follow all the steps.

Step 2 is the most complicated.

When you get past this, you reach the gold.

It’s also important to know that this method works perfectly within the IM niche only.

Here is how it works:

Pick the one thing you want to become an expert in, in the IM world.

As this method requires work and time, it’s important to pick something you enjoy doing.

Spending a lot of time on it will help you become an expert at it, but you don’t have to work too hard for it.

This is not going to be like a 4-year degree, but more like a short course that takes at most 3 months.

1.       Get to work – whatever you choose to become an expert at, do it.

Whether you want to start producing and selling WordPress plugins, become a Facebook advertising pro, or make YouTube videos that increase sales, just do it.

2.       Do it. Get some courses that you think will help you do it.

But ensure that the research phase doesn’t take all your time.

3.        You also need to make the course that takes you through what you want to do and how you do it.

4.       If possible, use software to make what you do easier.

Is it too difficult to make a software for it?

Then you have to create a service that can perform the task.

This is very important.

5.       Offer your clients a conference call or one-on-one call mentoring.

This may sound too simple, but think again.

Think of the many offers or campaigns you’ve received in IM.

How are they structured?

Basically, someone became good at doing something, got good results and started selling a course on it.

Then they started selling software for it for good money, or they offered to do the service for you.

And if you paid a hefty sum, they’d even teach you how they did it.

This works amazingly well and has been working for a very long time.

Most people don’t notice it right there in plain sight, and most people look right past it.

Let’s get started and cover the steps in depth!

Step 1: Choose Something You Want To Do In IM

This could be something others want to learn how to do.

Keep in mind that others want to make money in IM, and so you need to choose something that may help them achieve the goal even if it can’t directly pay them.

For instance, you could be using a particular social network that you as an expert, that gets you a massive of leads.

That’s something people would pay to learn.

It could be that you know how to make videos that sell products and services like hotcakes.

This is yet another brilliant idea you can sell, and people would be willing to pay for it.

If you can’t decide on what you want to sell, you can spend some time on the Warrior Forum for inspiration and ideas.

Make a list of things you think are doable and choose something within a few hours.

Ensure that you set a deadline to help you get to the next step.

Step 2: Do It!

Get some courses that you think will help you do it.

But ensure that the research phase doesn’t take all your time.

Ensure that you begin early because the knowledge you gain from doing, is far better than what you gain by reading.

By doing, you don’t forget.

Make notes where possible and write down how you do it and whether it works.

You will most assuredly make mistakes, but that’s part of success as you will know what to do and what pitfalls to watch out for.

Practice the thing until you’re perfect at it.

And how do you know you’re nearing perfection?

When the results you expected start to come and when you get the results your future customers will be looking to achieve.

As mentioned earlier, it’s vital to TAKE NOTES.

The more notes you take, the more you learn and the easier you find the remaining steps.

If you get stuck, you can always ask someone for help and if they can’t help you, ask someone else.

But you don’t have to become a pest!

Learn to figure out things by yourself mainly by using the information you learned in books and the courses that you bought.

Step 3: Make a Course Showing What You Do, How You Do, and How You Get The Best Results

Remember I mentioned that you should take a lot of notes?

Now, this is where they come in handy.

You have all the materials ready.

Now it is time to compile them systematically and create your course.

Record a video of you doing what you do and write a manual to accompany it.

Congratulations, you are a self-made expert, and now you can sell your course.

If you are not sure of how to compile your course, write down an outline of what you do to get the results you get.

The outline should be in a step-by-step format.

By this I mean, what is the first thing that you do?

The second?

The third?

And so forth.

Make sure to keep it simple to follow and add any details that you think are relevant.

Also, tell your reader what to watch out for and things to avoid.

Important: I would advise you to make two courses.

A basic course covering the basics of what you do, and an advanced course covering what you do to get great results.

This way, you can sell the basic course for a relatively low price and then upsell to your advanced course for a higher cost.

Some customers will be happy to learn the basics, and thus will opt for a basic course.

There are those who will be looking to learn everything and thus opt for the advanced version.

Step 4: Automate It or Create a Service

This is an optional choice, and it depends on the course you are offering.

If you can use a software to automate some aspects of the course you are teaching, then that is better.

Pay a coder to create a simple software for you.

You can then sell the software as a separate product.

This can easily double or triple your revenue from selling the course.

Conversely, if you cannot create a software, at least have a done-for-you type of service.

At the start, you can do all that is needed for your first customers.

But as the orders start coming in faster and faster, be prepared to outsource that task to someone else.

The truth is that most people are lazy and they would rather pay someone to do the service for them, rather than doing it themselves.

There is no shortage of the people you can outsource the work to.

Even if they will need to be trained, it will be just a matter of time, and they will perfect the skill and probably do a better job than you.

You will be able to give a finished product to your customers.

Note; Here is a third option that can be applied if you cannot create software or offer a done-for-you service.

That is to create templates for your course.

It might be sales letter templates, video templates, web page templates, etc.

This is a doable option, and it works and can offer another possibility of earning more revenue.

Step 5. Provide Personal One-On-One Video Calls or Conference Call Mentoring

You are now making good money, but here is where the deal gets even better.

A small portion of your buyers will expect you to show them personally what to do.

They want you to show them in person how it is done.

You can do this through one-on-one videos or group conference calls.

For your information, one on one calls pay more, but on the downside, you are limited to attending to one customer at a time.

You can, in fact, offer both.

You can do group-coaching for $100-200 a month, or you can do one-on-one coaching for hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on your niche.

Tips to Make This System Powerful

Make Sure to Have Enough Proprietary Knowledge

Make sure to gather as much knowledge as possible on your market.

Of course, there might be things you will need to teach yourself and there are things you will need to discover on your own.

It could be a new idea you apply to your way of doing things or revolutionizing your way of doing things.

 Bottom line; you need to provide new ideas.

You don’t want to teach what everyone is doing.

That said, it doesn’t have to be something totally new or different.

But at least make improvements and little changes to make it more valuable.

Create Your Language

When you add your new ideas or develop a new method to your mix, you also need to come up with your own new style of language and terminology.

Everyone can teach how to advertise on Facebook, but it is only you who can teach the Forbidden Five Finger Facebook Method.

Don’t Shy Away From Taking The Leap From Step 2 To Step 3

Some marketers are afraid to call themselves experts because they don’t believe in themselves.

They just say- I will just work on this skill this month and work on another technique next month then start teaching.

Don’t fall for this, because there is no time that you will be ready.

Start and learn the rest on the way.

If you know more than half of what you intend to teach, you are ready to start teaching.

Have a Third Eye

Look for hidden opportunities.

If you are teaching about a great method for converting Facebook traffic into sales, you can also teach on how to increase Facebook traffic.

If you are teaching on how to market WordPress plugins, expand this to teaching how to brainstorm great ideas for WordPress plugins.

Pay Close Attention to Details

When you are used to doing something, there is a tendency that you will ignore finer details because you do them without thinking.

However, a newbie wants to know those details so explain everything.

Save Your Best Advice For One-On-One Coaching

Don’t teach all your best techniques to customers who are only buying your basic course.

Of course, you have to give them what they paid for, but hold back some tips for your best customers who want to learn more.

Otherwise, why are they paying you extra money for the one-on-one mentoring?

Use Skype to Mentor Your Clients

Give your client special attention by giving them a one-on-one call.

They deserve that since they have spent a lot of money on your course.

Work with them but don’t do the work for them unless that is what they are paying you for.

Be Available For Your One-On-One Clients Via Email

Most of the time, you will likely only speak to your clients on Skype once a week, but make sure you answer their emails promptly for any questions they may have.

Have a Known Schedule

Let your one-on-one clients know when you are available to answer their questions via email.

Tell them in advance that you will only be available on, let’s say, Monday through Thursday from 1 pm to 4 pm.

This way, they will not be upset if they email you on Friday morning and you don’t answer them until Monday morning.


Regardless of what you intend to teach, here is what will happen.

There will be new developments.

New websites, new techniques, new challenges, new software, etc – they are always going to come up.

You have to keep abreast of these changes and always be among the pioneers of change.

Look for ways to improve yourself.

This means updating your course once in a while.

You can update your service or software and continue selling it.

You can also update your coaching as well.


More and more marketers will be entering the Internet Marketing niche, and they will need your help.

Therefore, the course you sold this month will sell next month, next year, and five years from now, as long as you keep updating it.


Do you want to double your income?

Do this process over and over again in another IM niche.

If you are not knowledgeable of other niches, you can always outsource to other experts in those particular niches, thereby freeing you up to do other things.

The only limit with venturing into a niche you are not knowledgeable in is that you cannot hold one-on-one coaching because you are not an expert.

You can also watch closely what other IM marketers are doing, to see other niches you can venture into.

This process works, and it is the same formula used by other big IM marketers.

Use it, and you too will see how well it will work.