Testimonials and Reviews

“Not only is the content great, but Alun’s modeling of his methods through the medium of [his courses] is worth it’s weight in gold. — Linda Schneider”

“I find Alun Hill to be very “down to earth” despite his huge success(es). It’s great to learn from someone who has done so well and you can tell he enjoys helping others.  Great course. Thanks Alun! — Susan Gast”

“I enjoy the insightful material that is at the same time factual with a touch of his English to keep it interesting. Well done. — Rich Aanrich

“Alun has a great way of presenting. Speaks clear – has a bit of humor and last but not least VERY knowledgable. I learned more in his course than I did in 4 years of High School! — Kevin LaCombe”

“I liked the course because it is very practical and business-oriented in its approach. It contains enough technical details where required. I believe this course will help me design a course well. Thank you Alun. — Sundara Nagarajan”

“I have taken my time to listen to the course several times. I find the course engaging and the instructor is unselfish in providing expert knowledge. Each lecture has been a tremendous help to me as a future instructor. I really appreciate the time and effort Alun has taken to perfect his courses. Thank you again for this excellent information! — Dr Shandra Terrell Williams ”

“Alun is a great teacher and his approach is very thorough. Tons of great information in his course. I’ll follow it to the letter! — Perry Lawrence”

“Thanks to Alun for giving his students everything they need to know to create their own course, and start teaching online. Highly recommended. — Tommy Donbavand”

“Alun gives a ton of information. It is very enlightening to see a pro in action. — Alex Ticknovich”

“This is the best course I ever took, and I am starting to see results. Alun Hill is Godsend for me. How can I ever thank him enough. — Pranay Kumar”

“All of them are in this course. Quality, clarity, packed with relevant information and best practices. You won’t find better. — Ryan Carter”

“Alun is very knowledgeable and clear in his instructions, I really enjoyed the course and there was lots of information given. — Bev Revill”

“He (Alun Hill) is someone who is extraordinarily thorough with a great deal of empathy for the purchaser of his coursework. I really admire his dogged attention to detail. There are others who put things together too quickly to make a quick buck but with Alun you can be sure that this guy will do a super professional job before he signs his name off to something. Very impressive. — Louis Geo”

“Thank you for this course. I did learn many new strategies, working towards my first course. I think everyone should do this course to get best output. — Narendra J. Mane

“I learned a great deal from the course. The instructor is very knowledgeable, the course quality was great and the material presented was well organized. — Rhonda Jordan”

“I enrolled in Alun’s course because he said he would help me learn how to set up a business using Amazon’s FBA program. That’s exactly what he did! … I have completed several of Mr. Hill’s courses and all of them have delivered as promised. — Timothy A. Storlie”

“I finished the course and now I am a professional seller on Amazon.com … Thank you so much for the great course and support. — Suman Chandra Das”

“This course was very informative! You definitely have to take initiative and use common sense in addition to following the instructions given. I’ve already received my test batch of products, have barcodes, and will be sending them to amazon soon. I didn’t see the need to wait for a sale to say how great the course is, because it is straight forward and exposes you to various aspects of this business which you may neglect on a daily basis. Thanks Alun! — Vernon Solomon

“Alun provides great content with this extra income course. It is very thorough and he offers his professional knowledge, wit and style to this easy-to-follow course. A top rating for a top instructor! — Jim Peinkofer”

“Alun is a good teacher, easy to understand and so many examples how someone can reach their goals with their Amazon business. — Edward Bush”

“I have just finished Alun Hill’s FBA course … Excellent course, I learnt a lot of stuff and I look forward to implementing it shortly. Alun clearly enjoys what he is doing which makes it so much more fun to learn. I look forward to doing more of Alun’s courses. Thanks Alun! — Alan”

“This course is a life changer for me. Alun Hill is open and expressive and extremely clear in his teachings. His advice is outstanding and his dedication to his students is impressive. Thank you for this course! — Joanne Reid”

“I’d heard of Amazon FBA before, but didn’t realize how risk could be limited, and how it could be done almost anyplace in world. It’s simpler than I would have thought possible. Thanks a lot for this course. — Richard Stooker

“This has given me tremendous insight into best practice for selling my course. Sensible, practical advice – what else would you expect from a Yorkshire man?! Thanks Alun – this has been a great help. — Mike Peacock”

“I launched the course yesterday and in less than 12 hrs. I generated 500 students by following Alun’s suggestions. — Chase Mirkovitz”

“Alun, you’re straight forward, frank, honest, and knowledgeable. Thank you for that. — Michael Hulleman”

“This course is extremely helpful and well presented; Alun Hill is an excellent instructor has provided a wealth of information from start to finish. — Xosasun”

“This course is a perfect one for those like me who has never done online business (to be exact “Amazone FBA”) before. I first came to the course with zero knowledge of what to do to be a seller on Amazon, to make use of Amazon FBA, and to source the products, etc. Alun has compiled lots of useful links and materials. You’d expect to read a lot in this course … I learned all the basics; I love his videos the most. Those are exceptional and easily understandable. I rate this course a 5-star rating because: 1. I love his videos. 2. I love the way he is responsive to the discussion. 3. He has updated the courses. 4. The course is easy to follow. — Lengieng Ing”

“A great instructor, tells it like it is. Great ideas and a good attitude toward issues. Thank you! — Christine Tripp”

“Alun’s course is very informative and helped me launch my first course. Thanks Alun. — Ben Kumanovski”

“Great course, amazing insights and great building blocks moving forward. Alun Hill is obviously a well-gifted communicator and made everything sound super interesting. — Marc Cichon”

“Clearly a high quality guide! Real proof and you will need a notebook to write all this wisdom on paper! — Nicky Wong”

“I loved the simplicity of Alun’s message as well as the very high quality of his sound recordings and no fuss videos. I was able to make notes while he talked without having to keep watching him. The content is complete, the suggestions are easy to understand and I hope simple to implement on my end! Thanks Alun! — Tania M Adams”

“This is one really good course. A lot of information’s inside … I think this course is for anyone who is looking for new business or just to create some extra stream of income. — Danilo Stojkovic”

“What I liked best at the start was Alun’s reassurance that there are no quick fixes or dodges. His advice is about doing the work, but learning from his mistakes and his successes in how to do it. Some excellent advice that I shall be following as I start work on marketing my first course. Thank you Alun. — Dr Mike Clayton”

“I’ve taken heaps of marketing courses and none has been as efficient as this one. Alun is very knowledgable and he is a great person to learn from. In just a week I was able to increase my revenues by applying what Alun explains in this course. I would never be able to thank him enough! — Pauline Hanuise”

“Take Alun Hill’s courses if you want to be successful and make money. Not only does he give lots of useful information, but he shows you in real time how he does it with his own statistics and accounts. I’ve taken three of his courses now and I am working on the fourth. My own Youtube channel has increased by a huge percentage in just the last two weeks following my implementing Alun’s suggestions and secret information. I highly recommend you take this course and any of Alun’s other courses. — Teresa L Greenway”

“I’m giving Alun five stars because this course changed the way I think, thank you Alun. — Mohammed”

“This course is excellent, a great introduction to FBA. Alun provides an enormous amount of information which is very helpful. The course quality is very good. Thank you Alun! — Anthea P”

“Alun’s course was hugely helpful in increasing my own success! … When Alun showed clearly … exactly how he went about setting his courses up for success here in this course, I was motivated to do better in my own courses. Within a month of enrolling in this course, I saw a 10x increase in my sales after applying some of the small changes Alun recommended AND increasing the amount of time and effort I put into my courses. I now work on my courses first thing every day and have to say Alun Hill has been one of the single most helpful instructors to me for inspiring my success and the success of others! — Jerry Banfield”

“I just want to thank you for such a rich and intensive course. I’m in the middle of creation of my first coarse and what you did is you saved me several months of searching and experimentation with my course topic, headline, description etc … To sum up – thank you a lot. — Aleksey Grebeshkov”

“… I used this course to promote my small business products and services! It works! Best money I’ve spent in a long time! — Curtis Arnold”

“Alun’s course was the first I ever bought in Udemy and after doing the course I manage to create my own first course … that got students even before I started promoting. If you want to start working as an instructor, Alun’s course is a must. He is the Master! — Filipe Carrera

… and thousands more!