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I’ve created many thousands of articles, books and reports.

And I’ve used my top team of UK / US professional writers to create even more, all to my exacting standards.
And today you can download rather a lot of them - AND YOU CAN USE THEM IN ANY WAY THAT YOU WISH.
How many?
Well, I’m going to tell you now that there are over 50,000 articles, books, reports and so on.
In reality there’s around a million, but there are a few duplicated due to the way I’ve saved them over the years and some, a few hundred, will need updating.
However, 95% (so, over 900,000 of them) are completely up to date.
And you can use them as you wish:
• Create your own reports - no editing required.

• Add them to blogs.

• Sell them.

• Create books and ebooks (Hint: Kindle Short Reads at 99c each sell like crazy - so do a series on a topic. Then choose another topic!).

• Study them - you’ll learn so much!

• Give them to your children’s schools

• Use them at work

• Edit them or use them as they are - your choice

The only thing you can’t do is use my name, please, as that could be seen as me promoting your product or service, of course!

Well, there’s thousands of them, including health, business, animals, electronics, internet, photography, crafts, finance, email, genealogy - and thousands and thousands more.
Pretty much any topic you can think of is covered.
And I’ve uploaded them online on a very fast, famous, cloud server, so no matter how slow your internet, you can download them easily - and almost every one is in plain text, so the file sizes are small.
This means that you can easily download whole folders full at a time!

How much?
Well, as I said, I’m going to say there are 50,000 articles (although it’s really about a million, remember).
A dollar each would be good value, but that would come to $50,000, wouldn’t it?

So, is $199.99 OK? That's MUCH better, isn't it!

(UPDATE: Currently at only $49.99)

And there’s never anything extra to pay, no up-sells, no “you should buy this as well”.

You get EVERY article, book and report instantly.


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