Sales Conversions

Sales conversions success is the holy grail of business – but are your bonuses actually reducing your sales?

I’m sure that you understand that adding bonuses to an offer will drive up sales.

However, what most people don’t realize is that including the wrong bonuses will decrease sales.

The reason is that the wrong offer will often confuse the customer.

Here is a quick four-step test that will guarantee that you choose the right bonus for your offer.

Sales Conversions Test #1: The Bonus Must Seem Valuable

This test involves closely examining a bonus to determine its perceived value.

If that perceived value is high then you have passed the first test.

Let’s assume that you are selling a course on real estate investment.

If your bonus is a video of insider’s advice then that would have a high perceived value.

On the other hand, if you wanted to include a dictionary for real estate investors then that would have a low perceived value since they could quickly use the internet to find the same information.

Sales Conversions Test #2: The Bonus Must be Something Unique

Including an eBook written by you would be considered unique while offering resale rights to another product online would not be unique.

Once you determine that your bonus is unique, you have passed this test.

Sales Conversions Test #3: The Bonus Must be Relevant to the Offer

Make sure that the bonus you are planning to offer is relevant to the product.

If you were selling a coffee maker, then a guide to perfecting coffee blends would be relevant.

If you’re not sure what to do, then ask yourself, “What’s missing?”

It could be a set of instructional videos that shows the buyer the most effective way to use the product.

It could even be a guide that shows buyers how to double the effect of the product.

Sales Conversions Test #4: The Bonus Must be Something the Buyer will Want

It’s weird but sometimes people buy a product just so that they can get the bonus.

Make sure that your bonus is something that the buyer really wants or needs.