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Product Launch: Did Someone Beat You To Launching A Product? Here’s What To Do

You have a surefire idea for a new product and have figured out everything that you need to do to get started, or maybe you already have already started.

Then it happens, you see that another person has beaten you to releasing it.

Now, what should you do?

For most people, they will withdraw from launching the product, scrap the whole product launch idea and start the process of looking for another idea.

But there is a breed of successful marketers who would not relent in their pursuit to launch the product just because someone else beat them to it by releasing a similar product.

They would go ahead and finalize everything and release their product as soon as possible.


Because there is no particular market with a successful product where you will not have competing products – there is always room for another product on a similar topic.

Another reason successful marketers go ahead and launch their products is because people who are interested in a topic rarely just buy one book or one course.

They buy as many books or courses as possible to read.

In fact, the person who beat you to releasing your product did you a favor, because you will be learning how their product is doing in the marketplace.

You can look for information gaps in their guides that they forgot to fill in and create a better product than theirs.

You can also beat them in the market easily by adjusting your price accordingly.

For instance, if their product launch is offered at a low price, you can offer your product at a slightly higher price to show readers that your guide offers much higher value.

On the other hand, if they have priced their product overly high, you can offer yours at a cheaper price to provide your readers with an affordable alternative.

Therefore, the next time you have an idea and someone else beats you to punch in launching it, you might want to thank them for that.

Another thing: never shy away from approaching them for any deals you might have.

They might be open to being your affiliate and send your offer to their email list.

If your launch products are similar, they can mail it to their non-buyers on their list.

If the products are priced differently, they might even choose to email to their entire list.

Remember, competition is healthy when you are marketing online.