Online Marketing

Online marketing is easy, cheap and effective.

But there’s one mistake almost everyone makes.

And it kills sales.

Time and again you’ve heard the advice that you should always personalize email subject lines by using the recipient’s name, like this: “Hi George!” or “Hey Maggie, check this out” and so forth.

And that’s good advice if you’re in the dating niche, weight loss niche, basket weaving niche and so forth.

Most of those folks wouldn’t know an autoresponder from an asteroid.

But if you’re in the internet marketing niche, then your audience knows the score.

They know it’s a mass mailing, even when you use their name. and frankly, some of them are a little insulted by it.

Here’s my online marketing pro tip:

Here’s what to do instead:

Give them credit for being intelligent.

In other words, be honest, and start your emails with something like, “Hi Guys.”

Test it out for yourself – and watch your click-throughs increase.