I had 4 different doctors to see today – nothing wrong, I just like to be sufficiently organised to get as much done as possible in the shortest possible time!

It got me thinking (well, there’s little else to do while you’re waiting!).

Everyone else waiting was miserable looking.

Now, I accept that many were ill, but even so, with modern medicine, cures / relief are usually quick and efficient.

No, even people just having tests and checkups, as I was, looked really unhappy.

It took me a while to realise why (and remember that I live in a country where all healthcare is effectively provided for free, so it wasn’t the cost).

People “mirror” what they think is expected of them.

Car salesmen are always smiling, taxi drivers share their opinions, politicians make promises, plumbers tell you it’s going to be expensive and needs replacing with a new one (always, yes?) and zookeepers never even notice the humans.

When people visit a hospital, they act miserable, I think, because they believe that’s what is expected of them.
I do the opposite.

(Story of my life, doing the opposite!)

I smile at the receptionists, I shake hands with the doctors, I tell them how pleased I am to see them again, how grateful I am if they’ve solved a medical query for me and so on.

And you know what?

I get smiles in return.

I get happiness back – in droves.

They spend time with me.

They remember me.

And my day is nicer.

And so is theirs.

I remember someone telling me years ago that if you go around smiling at everyone, eventually someone will ask you “why are you so happy?”.

That’s never actually happened to me (phew!), but hanging around for meetings is much nicer for me than those around me.

And I finish my day happier.

And I really hope that the days of those I meet are made even a little bit nicer …