My New YouTube Secret – At Last!

I’ve talked before how easy it is to create YouTube videos (either from your cell phone or automatically using very cheap programs – see yesterday’s email for more, please).

However, there’s always been one problem that has been very difficult to overcome.

But that’s been solved, for free, this week.

And I’m delighted!

You see, the most crucial part of getting people to watch your YouTube video (and this applies, of course, equally nowadays to Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook videos) is actually the thumbnail picture.

Time and again, people have asked me to look at their videos and work out why they’re getting few views.

And the answer is ALWAYS the same.

The thumbnail is always the VERY FIRST thing that people see when they search YouTube.

It’s what catches the eye.

And so it’s utterly essential that you make your thumbnail design eye-catching.

(Want to test this? Go to YouTube, search – and see what catches YOUR eye. I was right, wasn’t I!).

Now the problem is that designing these is really hard.

So hard that I actually invested rather a lot of money a little while back into creating a program to do this for me – I also intended to offer the program, for a fee too, of course.

The problem was that it was impossible to do then.

But this week a company has launched a program that does everything you need.

In a few moments.

And for free!

It’s called picmaker.io and I’m happy to recommend it to you!

Here’s what the designer told me:

“We have equipped Picmaker with 100,000+ graphic elements, 700+ prebuilt templates, 1000+ stock photos, photo filters, and custom fonts so that you get a one-stop solution for all your YouTube thumbnail making needs”.