Making Money From Affiliate Marketing

Making Money From Affiliate Marketing

Making Money From Affiliate Marketing

Most of us are on multiple marketers email lists.

This means we get emails every day or two telling us to go check out certain new products because they’re “new, exciting, revolutionary” and “the most exciting thing ever“.

But the truth is, we rarely open those emails anymore or even buy based on their recommendations.

So who do you buy from?

Only the marketers you trust, right?

Well, me too.

Personally, the affiliate marketing people I trust the most are those who clearly use the product they promote to me.

These marketers have videos showing them using it, or they write an honest review of the product.

It’s a very simple and easy thing to do, and yet a large percentage of marketers never do these things.

Do you want to promote a product to your list through affiliate marketing?

Get the product by purchasing it or ask the owner to give you a sample.

Then open the product and use it.

Watch the videos or read the pdf provided and ensure you take notes.

After, implement the strategy and see what type of results you get.

After that process, write a review telling your list about the product.

What you love about the product, what you think sucks, what the product is missing and so forth.

Also, state who should buy the product – that is website owners, newbies, etc. and who shouldn’t.

You can record a short video showing what’s in the product, how you used it or both.

You send your list an email with this information, and they’ll be glad that you did them such a service.

Maybe they will buy and maybe not, but you will have earned their trust.

The more you keep emailing your list with these types of emails the more they will continue trust you and the more they will read your reviews.

Pretty soon they will not buy anything unless you recommend it to them.

Just doing these easy, simple things will put you above all the other affiliate marketing users who don’t think to do this.

You will have earned your list’s trust and their business as long as you keep it up and they will continue buying using your links.

But you know what?

Most of the list owners who read this will not do it.

They won’t use the products they recommend to you.

They won’t write real honest reviews either or record videos of the results achieved from using the product.

In the long run, those list owners won’t build an audience or make nearly half the sales of the few marketers who will heed this advice and take their time to do these things.