Live Discussion: WarriorPlus v. JVZoo (Audio & Transcript)


Gary: Hey everybody it’s Gary here with another edition of brainstorming counts and Paul how you doing?

Paul: Doing awesome really glad to be here just got done in Eastern Washington visiting my family so having a really good time.

Gary: That’s awesome, getting close to the beginning of school year so given the last who rah of the kids and all that stuff I would imagine.

Paul: Right definitely, yep, that’s what I’m down here doing and we’re having a great time and also just happy to be on this call too.

Gary: Yeah good deal, you know something that you told me a while back it always kind of stuck in my head. You’d kind of mention that some products do better on WarriorPlus versus JVZoo. And I thought we might kind of cover payment platforms today because I haven’t really heard anyone else talk about that. They may have but I just haven’t come across it myself.

It seems to me that looking at WarriorPlus and JVZoo side by side, it seems like JVZoo might be the way to go simply because of the potential amount of affiliates that you can get there but I know you’ve launched products on both so do you have in mind which platform you’re going to sell on as you’re actually creating a product launch?

Paul: Yeah, definitely, so for me, I do primarily almost all my launches on JVZoo especially in the Internet marketing space. You know in that niche market and the reason is that JVZoo just has a little more of that market share. There are a lot more affiliates out there in JVZoo and yeah they’ve got a lot of, just a lot of really cool features.

It’s a lot easier to kind of you know get your product out there if you will. Now I will say with, that one thing that I found with WarriorPlus especially just promoting other people’s products and, and even get some my own out there in the past was that it was, it’s also a lot easier to get a high ranking inside of WarriorPlus which also can lead to a lot of new affiliates because there are less competition and less people using it.

So you know there may be a lot less affiliates on WarriorPlus but if you’re kind of, you know a newer market or really trying to start out WarriorPlus it’s not a bad option to go because it’s a lot easier to get your product the recognition they need this is one of the top sellers of the day.

There’s a lot less competition and so you can actually rank pretty well on WarriorPlus least that’s from my experience. And so you know so that would be kind of how I would approach it. Now for me, I tend to launch exclusively on JVZoo but then I always in the back of my mind you know think that I can actually put this product out on WarriorPlus after my main launch and that’s because there’s going to be different affiliates because some people they resonate with WarriorPlus offers more than they do with JVZoo.

And it also comes down, their fees are very similar it does kind of at the end of the day kind of comes down to. You know what one thing I will say is JVZoo is a little more the affiliate definitely wins more with JVZoo. And that’s the case if you compare it to ClickBank too.

On JVZoo the affiliates or t he person promoting for you they’re going to get a true fifty percent commission. So if I’m selling a product for forty-seven dollars and I sell that product and I’m getting fifty percent commission I’m going to earn twenty-three dollars and fifty cents.

But the vendor as a person selling the product you’re going to actually you’re not going to make it even twenty-three fifty. Because you’re going to you have your Pay Pal fees coming out. You have your the JVZoo fees that they take for their services which we’ll talk about why you want to work with these projects late you’re these kinds of companies later on.

So they take their fee for all the work they do for you and so you actually are left with maybe of that remaining twenty-three fifty you might be left with twenty-one eighty-nine or twenty dollars sixty-seven cents right. Because the fees are all factored into that too so, so the affiliate definitely wins on JVZoo now WarriorPlus I’ve noticed to be the opposite where it seems like a little more split evenly so the fees are kind of split between the affiliate and the vendor. Same thing happens over a ClickBank as well where the fees are actually split amongst the vendor and the affiliate.

So JVZoo if you’re an affiliate it’s fantastic if you’re a vendor you’re going to pay a little bit more. But on the flip side as a vendor JVZoo, you have access to a lot more affiliates. You have a bigger pool and a bigger audience to go with and so you know there’s, they both have them you know their pluses and minuses.

I mean I know some people that are very successful exclusively launch and WarriorPlus. And what I seem to see do really well where WarriorPlus is a lot of the local offline business type offers those kind type of vendor seem to really flock to where WarriorPlus for some reason those are the people selling the products and services that help people start the local online businesses. Yeah, I find some really cool hidden gems on WarriorPlus of really just really cool products and I like I like their marketplace. You know JVZoo got a great marketplace so you know it’s kind of, it’s going to come down to a comfort level but I would say I would have to say probably from the ease of use standpoint and more training and built and support I think JVZoo is a good one for somebody that’s brand new.

But as far as from the standpoint of getting your product recognized quicker WarriorPlus would be kind of the way to go. So there’s pluses and minuses to either one. I think they’re both tremendous platforms and I think that you could you could serve you very well to launch your product on both platforms and what’s great about is you could actually do two separate product launches too.

Gary: So have you ever done it yourself? Have you ever said okay I might go want to test to see which place is going to do better for me you know whether it’s a video course? Or PLR products or anything like that yet?

Paul: So I’ve never done a ton of testing for that I need to do a lot more on my own
with WarriorPlus. I’ve actually done it where I have launched a product just on WarriorPlus and just on the products on JVZoo and I need to actually take a lot of my successful JVZoo offers and put them over at WarriorPlus just to see what kind of result we get.

It gets you out in front of a little different audience, so it is something that I need to do a lot more of but I’ve used WarriorPlus enough to know kind of the fee structure works and the ease of use.

For me, it comes down to the fact that you know it’s more, you know it’s more recognizing JVZoo and I’m kind of building up some authority there as far as how many volumes of products I’ve sold and building that relationship there so but if you start now and that’s why I know some people that they are pretty much exclusively launch over at WarriorPlus for the fact that they are you know they are establishing that relationship. They’re getting you know high seller rating and that kind of stuff because they’re doing a lot of their work there.

So I would advise people you know is something I’m actually shifting myself too that’s why I’m passing this along because I’m going to actually take some of my successful winners put them over where WarriorPlus as well just to kind of see you know what which ones are going to be performing better comparing them side by side and you know generally speaking you’re going to get a little less traffic over WarriorPlus overall

But as your as ,your launch goes on just because there’s less affiliates checking in. But you know I do know a lot of people you know JVZoo does have a lot of like a fraud prevention things in place but even then because they’re more recognize you are susceptible to that fraud. Where as WarriorPlus it isn’t as recognized so there maybe not be as many fraudsters on there.

So it’s just kind of this constant like you know which one is better and for me, it’s going to boil down to the comfort level. I found JVZoo to be a little more user-friendly and something that I have, but again there’s nothing wrong with WarriorPlus either they’ve got a lot of great things going on for them as well. So I would you know I’d advise people maybe to look at launching a both on both platforms. I’m going to actually start doing that with a lot of my products to add additional revenue to my to my income.

Gary: So you haven’t done a ton on there but have you had any affiliates promote for you on WarriorPlus at all?

Paul: Yeah I have yeah

Gary: And do you find that there’s a difference in the quality of the affiliates between JVZoo and WarriorPlus?

Paul: Yeah, so you know there is I would say you know I mean generally if you look at like the both numbers like JVZoo you’re going to get a lot of people if you’re launching, if you’re launching a product over on JVZoo you’re going to end up with a lot of people. A lot of affiliates and so you’re going to have and a lot of them because it’s more well known are going to be that lower quality.

Whereas at WarriorPlus from my experience is you’re going to get you know some of those guys that maybe are more they because there are on WarriorPlus they really know the game well. Right? So I would say yeah you do try to get a little more higher quality affiliate at times overall. But again JVZoo you got some really big heavy hitters as well hanging out so it’s worth it to be there also.

You know so yeah you’re going to get and mainly it boils down it’s no different than ClickBank. I mean honestly when you launch a product over at ClickBank your going to get because there is no approval process and everything you know to get your link even approved. You get and because ClickBank has been around seventeen years and it built up such a large track record in database of affiliates that you’re going to end up you know with a ton of people defending junk traffic for you so ClickBank is out. I said it’s probably you get a lower quality of affiliate.

The lowest quality at ClickBank you know then probably JVZoo, then WarriorPlus. You know and again it’s not bashing any of them at all. It’s not saying that you know JVZoo, it’s not JVZoo’s fault, It’s not ClickBank’s fault you know, it just, it’s just a byproduct of being at being a big player in the market. Right?

Gary: Right

Paul : Everybody because ClickBank has been around for seventeen years you know the junk affiliates want to send you one hundred thousand clicks that get a terrible conversion rate or don’t sell anything you know those are the guys that are over at ClickBank they’ve been around so long and so you know that’s how that ends up working out so I would say it’s a good question I would say probably WarriorPlus you’re going to have a little higher quality folks.

Gary: Oh good. You mentioned that there are more usable features on JVZoo What would you say, some of the ones are that make doing business there easier or that can help you make more sales than versus Warrior Plus or even ClickBank for that matter?

Paul: Yeah definitely I would say that the products set up over a JVZoo is a little more straightforward and they also haven’t seen more employed there at JVZoo from my knowledge and understanding of how they’re both working and it seems like JVZoo works a lot quicker as far as getting changes done that people want to see as vendors and just some of the some of the changes you know like the price adding a product at JVZoo it’s super straightforward giving your affiliate the affiliate details page is super straightforward the layout of the affiliate details page I think it’s easy to use so I think that really big core advantage and that’s you know kind of where JVZoo really excels and they just have a very clean interface.

I find you know personally WarriorPlus is a little clunky to operate and you know it’s a little more difficult to find the necessary link you’d want to use and so obviously for me always end up finding out things because you know you just move through the grindstone until it done but you know if you are new it could feel overwhelming at times and so that’s where I feel JVZoo excels because I think it’s just a little more user friendly and that means getting your product out there is a lot easier to do.

Duplicating a product speed there is also fantastic so it’s easy to you know to create a similar product or similar offer and so there’s a lot of great advantage there with JVZoo.

Gary: That’s good. Both platforms and actually ClickBank for that matter they all offer an option to advertise there and they are not inexpensive. I don’t know what ClickBank charges I think WarriosPlus is like eighty-nine bucks and JV Zoo is something like one hundred dollars for a twenty-four hour period but with that said
you’re getting the exact traffic that you’re looking for if you’re in an Internet marketing segment Have you ever tried advertising on either of these or even on Click Bank and if so what were your results?

Paul: Yeah I’ve actually done advertising on ClickBank and JVZoo myself and I’ve had pretty good results over at JVZoo especially as far as getting as far as getting a larger volume of affiliates to sign up. Now I tend to kind of use it more to recruit affiliates rather than to promote my products although it’s not a bad idea.

It’s actually something I have thought of doing is why don’t I just send people one of my products right just to see how it goes and so you know it is something that I have considered doing that as well as to send them straight to buy my products not necessarily to recruit affiliates but I’ve had tremendous results.

I got a large amount of affiliates. ClickBank can be a little more expensive because they, they do sell it more by the month but it definitely you can get a lot of traffic with ClickBank running those banner ads and they might actually run a little they run it based more on impressions and because there again they get a lot more traffic even than JVZoo.

You know you can run the ads in the login pages you have a lot more variations over at ClickBank but I’ve had great results advertising them both because like you pointed out that is right in front of your audience it’s a really good way to go.

Gary: Yeah because I mean I don’t know how many times I’ve clicked on I just see something of interest so obviously, it works and you know if it wasn’t working then I don’t think I would still be offering it. You know because…

Paul: That’s right.

Gary: …because you know the results I have to be there for the marketer too. As far as you know we haven’t really talked about Pay Pal and also Stripe. Some people may want to set up their own credit card processing
Paul: Right

Gary: What would you recommend as far as that goes? because I know that I’ve paid you through my PayPal for something for strictly without going through JVZoo or WarriorPlus so I know you used that. You actually you Stripe too?

Paul: Yeah, I have a Stripe account actually don’t use it honestly that much and a lot of it is when I’m actually launching a product that I want to have affiliates get behind and promote I’m going to put them out there on JVZoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus because those projects and you’re going to you know some people might wondering that’s why I think it’s a great question because some people try asking why don’t I just get up Stripe to like two percent or one you know the percentage is really low.

Why don’t I set up my Pay Pal it’s one and a half to three and a half percent instead of having to pay five to seven percent for these other vendors you know why wouldn’t I just do that so it’s a question a lot of people may have. And so you know the reason is that WarriorPlus, ClickBank, and JVZoo they are tracking your affiliates for you and they’re also paying those affiliates for you.

You know either through instant commission they’re also paying them instantly you know either through ClickBank automatically. So you don’t have to actually handle the physical payments of them and also the affiliates have a great peace of mind because they know I am going to get paid I promote this product.

There’s no gray area like okay well this is awesome I used you know I use Nanacast use another or I use you know another third party system so there’s no way to track it back to refer that sales. So affiliates aren’t going to want to promote for somebody that you know you’re not going to be able to get affiliates right if you’re just using straight Stripe or PayPal.

Gary: Right

Paul: Because you’re not tracking your affiliate. And so then, that you know that creates a nightmare, that’s a headache, you can’t get the affiliates you know so that, there are, there is a good use for it because like you pointed out you have actually used my personal my Pay Pal account directly without using JVZoo and that’s sometimes for products that I don’t necessarily need to get affiliates involved.

It’s more like a private promotion like a private internal promotion to my audience and I don’t need affiliates involved and it is wiser to promote it on just through my Pay Pal because I’m saving a percentage there. But if I wanted to take that same product or that same offer and offer it publicly for affiliates to get behind I might have to put in.

You know I’m going to have to put it out in JVZoo or ClickBank or WarriorPlus to be able to track those affiliates. But otherwise, you could just use your Pay Pal account directly your Pay Pal Inc or Stripe account which is a way to process credit cards but you are you not going to be able to track your affiliates.Your launch won’t be as big as it could be and it’s just and also I do like the product delivery of JVZoo. It’s another thing I love same with ClickBank, same with WarriorPlus.

They actually e-mail the customers they have a customer portal involved the customers can easily access what they just purchased and so for me sometimes it’s just easier even though I’m paying a little bit more of a percentage it’s just a lot easier to have a kind of all done for me so I’m having do, if I use my own Pay Pal account, my own Stripe Account I may have to set up all these special thank you pages and all this and all that and just a lot more work involved so that’s why do you pay them that extra fee most the time. There are other times when there is those private internal promotion bridge just use the direct link.

Gary: Really really good information. All of that across the board. And I guess we’re going to wrap up on that note. This is Gary with another edition of brainstorm accounts and I’m going to go and sign off and we’ll talk to you later Paul.

Paul: All right thank you so much glad to be here.