Live Discussion: The 4 Hour Workweek (Audio & Transcript)

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Gary: Hey guys! Gary here with another edition of Brainstorming Counts with Paul Counts and it is a rainy, rainy day up here in the Northwest. Paul how you doing?

Paul: Doing well. Yeah, doing good and boy it gets dark here sooner now.

Gary: Yeah, no doubt.

Paul: Yeah.

Gary: You posted something on Facebook the other day and I found it really interesting. So I thought we might actually cover positioning and selling because you did something really interesting. I went and looked at the JV information that you posted on Facebook about a product that you are doing with Jason Boyce called the 28 Day Fitness Revolution and I know you’ve been working on that with him for some time. But one of the unique things that you did is you actually went on that diet and you lost 30 pounds and I think without a doubt that is one of the strongest ways you can gain credibility with any product is you use it yourself and it is like, “This is what it did for me.” Now you actually positioned this product as something to be used for people in the Internet Marketing niche and that is what I found really interesting. So how exactly did you tie the 28 Day Fitness Revolution in with the Internet Marketing?

Paul: Yeah. So I tied it in because it’s a problem that a lot of Internet Marketers have, just a sedentary lifestyle. By nature, we’re sitting at the computer all the time. We’re always constantly sitting. We’re not very active at times. Sometimes we might get in this dream that we’re going to do the 4-Hour Workweek and we all know it’s not a 4-Hour Workweek. Even the guys that tell you about the 4-Hour Workweek they’re really working 80 hours a week that is a fact. We all think that we’ve got this thing, we’re only going to work a few hours a week but sometimes you’re trying to do a certain project, even launching a product, even some of us that have launched product after product, you still might put in 80 hours that week on that product launch. Well, most of that time is sitting down. You are up late at night so you’re eating unhealthy. It is quick to add on the pounds and it happens fast. Like any business Internet Marketing is not a game, it’s not a hobby, it’s a business. So you’ve got the ups and downs and with that comes stress. Well, the way to kind of combat stress and all that which can lead to extra pounds is to be active and do exercise. And what I loved about Jason’s program was that it’s a program that you can do from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to have a gym membership so you don’t enough to leave your house. You don’t have to buy equipment. In fact, when I laid this course out for him I asked if he could come up with a workout plan that required no equipment and no need to go to the gym and it was fantastic and he laid it out including the diet plan. I’m able to snack healthy when I am working the late nights and by going through it I lost over 30 pounds. The reason I decided to tie that into Internet Marketing is because I discovered that with improved health and with an improved appearance comes greater confidence so you’re more apt to get in front of the video and do more. Video is so important these days and kind of putting yourself out there more. I find that I have more energy that even if I am working the late hours I’m still pretty focused more than I ever used to be and so to me those are all benefits and that’s why I positioned it that way to help Internet Marketers. I watched my business start to take off again because of this renewed health and energy and so that’s where that positioning came in. I went “Okay. So how can I take a product that is talking about…a fitness product that most people would say there’s no chance it is going to convert with IM traffic or Internet Marketers and make it a win-win scenario for them.?” and I’m also still tweaking that offer a little bit so I’m actually going to add in some bonuses that are Internet Marketing training. That way they feel like, “Wow! Not only am I getting this fitness training but I’m to get something that’s of equal or greater value that’s going to help me with my internet business too.” So that way it’s going to almost be like double positioning for them to really help them take that extra step, that next step. There are creative ways to do that and I’ll give you a really good example too. Jimmy D. Brown actually talks about this. Jimmy D. Brown is the founder of Nicheology which as you know I’m now a partner of with Paul Evans who bought it from him. Jimmy D. Brown creates a lot of killer private label rights content and he’s had some success in the past of like finding obscure niches and tying in various Internet Marketing type courses with them. So he might go out there and target people that like model trains for example and he would say “Hey, are you a model train enthusiast? How would you like to earn money with your model train hobby?” The whole concept of it is pitched around building an email list to people that also are interested, sharing some of your favorite techniques for making the perfect model train set, recommending affiliate products. So he is teaching Internet Marketing but it’s to a very targeted market. Same thing for golfers. You could say “Hey, how would you like to make money with your golf hobby?” That’s going to attract somebody that’s into golf. Or “How would you like to make money with your fishing hobby?” and you could teach them about how to go out there and fish or what kind of rod and reel to get, what kind of gear to wear. Those types of things are ways you can position an offer that may be to a market that’s not necessarily open Internet Marketing. And so I’m kind of trying to do that with this fitness product, position it as “Hey, by improving your health you actually can improve your income or your wealth.” just to keep it rhyming. Literally, it is a proven concept. In fact, somebody that was looking at my sales copy suggested to me – and I’m going to take them up on this – they said you should do some research on the correlation of your health compared to how much money you make per year. I’m sure it’s out there and I’ve already found a few charts that I’m going to maybe start interweaving into my copy because that way it kind of helps people realize like that yeah we are working a sedentary lifestyle. I positioned the whole story around kind of my journey in Internet Marketing and how the fact that this program really changed my life and I think it can change others and here I am an Internet Marketer that was overweight, that kind of needed to go in a new direction to get healthier. Honestly, I was just under stress and it was crazy, but it’s amazing when you lose over 30 pounds what that does to your body and your outlook and confidence and everything. So that’s kind of where that positioning came in.

Gary: Yeah. It’s really quite a bit of out of the box thinking; at least that’s what came into my mind when I looked at the JV page; I’m like, “Okay.” At first I was kind of just looking at it and then I kind of put the pieces together and I was like “That’s kind of brilliant.”

Paul: Yeah.

Gary: You are right. I’ve been to conferences too and there are a lot of overweight people there that could definitely use something like this or a better diet or whatever.

Paul: No doubt, yeah. So that’s that’s kind of where that came from.

Gary: Yeah. So what was the easiest thing that you actually found about doing the actual fitness revolution itself in that 28 days?

Paul: For me it was actually the diet part was easy and that’s always been a struggle. I’ve tried other diet programs in the past and the reason I liked it is that there was nothing outlandish and that’s also why I think it’s great for Internet Marketers and those of us that are busy business owners as well. It’s the fact that I didn’t have to measure my food out. I didn’t have to go by the handful. I didn’t even chart what I ate. People were watching me going like, “Wait! You’re not even like writing down what you’re eating?” They’re like, “No way.” So I’m not like charting what I eat. It’s basically just kind of helping you understand what goes into your body and how to eat right. I’m not counting calories; I’m not counting every peanut I put in my mouth. It’s literally like just being wiser about what you eat. I found that I can go to any restaurant. I posted something on Facebook the other day; I could stand in front of a vending machine and find something that I could eat that’s on my diet. It’s become a no excuses approach to dieting. A lot of times you go through these programs and they’re so specialized on what you want to eat and you have to measure out your food, that you’re a nightmare to go to a restaurant with because you’re that person that’s like, “Well, this got this in it and this got that in it.” Nobody wants to go with you there; you feel uncomfortable then the excuses start to set in, “Well, I’ll start my diet again tomorrow.” I found a way to eat healthy at McDonald’s. If McDonald’s is my only option because of what I learned from Jason I can lose weight and eat at even fast food chains and find a way to eat there. It’s cool and it’s a really easy program. So I found the diet part to be the simplest and then what got really simple also – and this applies to internet business, that’s also why I feel it’s important because this can help improve your mindset with an internet business – is that once you get in the habit of something… So let’s say you get in the habit that every day from 11 to noon you are just writing sales copy or you’re learning about copy or you are writing a chapter or part of a chapter for your new e-book or something. As long as you get yourself in that consistent habit then it’s going to become something that’s easier and easier to do. What I found with my internet business, well, with the internet business as well but also with this, in particular, is, as I did the workouts it got into that habit. So it was hard initially to do the workouts and exercises and not that they were difficult themselves but it’s just difficult to get into that rhythm. But I found all of a sudden after two, three weeks it set in and that’s where we call it the 28 Day Fitness Revolution because literally after 28 days you feel like you’re funny if you’re not exercising. It feels like your day is not complete or something. You look forward to that time. And it was fascinating to me because he’s a male supermodel, actor, and also a fitness personal trainer as well in California and so he knows his stuff and he told me that “Yeah. After four weeks it becomes a habit that’s why I went with 28 Day Fitness Revolution.” It was sure true because I haven’t let up since and I’ve been on this program for quite a while and none of the workouts are crazy. They don’t take crazy amounts of time. I’ve done them in the bathrooms. I’ve done in the living room. I’ve done them downstairs. I’ve done them at a hotel. The whole program is a no excuse approach to losing weight and getting in shape.

Gary: What would you say was the hardest thing that you had to do that was in the program?

Paul: The hardest thing, like I mentioned earlier is more like getting in that habit of just doing the exercises. So the exercises themselves can be modified for any fitness level. So you know, for people that are elderly, people that maybe can’t exert as much you can do modified… pushups are one of them. I didn’t find any of the exercises to be like “Oh there’s no way I could do that.” But I found that if you just kind of get in that consistent mindset of just doing that you’re going to find that it’s going to work out. Maybe that first week it can be difficult to lay off certain foods that you’re used to eating but once you start to get into that rhythm of this is what I eat and this is why I eat it, next thing you know you’re in great shape. I’ll be honest with people. I did one thing against the program but I still had results; I did not give up my diet cola. So I kept drinking that but still lost over 30 pounds. He knew that too. Ideally, you want to more drink waters and stuff like that but I did not give up my diet coke and my Coke Zero but maybe one day I should. But I lost over 30 pounds still. That to me would have been the hardest thing for me to give up. But it was more just understanding what I’m eating. I mean, even salads, a big part of it is limiting sugar intake, like actual sugar, and you could be eating a salad that you think is healthy and it’s got more sugar than a candy bar. You may as well go have a three musketeers bar because salad has all the sugar and the dressing and it has candied pecans and walnuts and you think like, “Oh I’m eating healthy. I’m having a salad.” Well, no you’re not. So that took a little bit to kind of understand too.

Gary: Yeah. You mentioned on the JV page that you had already started testing the copy targeting people in Internet Marketing.

Paul: Yeah.

Gary: Did you actually just test this to your list when you were tweaking the copy or how did you actually go about doing it?

Paul: I did. I tested it to my list. So I haven’t had any affiliates really jump in. I’ve got quite a few people that are interested and so we’re going to just keep the ball moving on that. So I haven’t really personally tested or sent it to a lot of JV so I just tested it to my own list which is part of the benefit of having your own email list. And that’s also why I encourage people to build an e-mail list, build a following, whether it’s a Facebook following or even a You Tube channel following but the more traffic you can control especially if it’s from your own list the better. Paid traffic is great. You can definitely control that. You can send traffic that way but you’re out the money if it doesn’t convert, right?

Gary: Right.

Paul: So with your own list if it doesn’t convert and they know, like and trust you already then you know “Okay. I need to tweak some things.” And I will say we’ve definitely made conversions. They’re not as strong as my Internet Marketing offers which tell me “Okay. I need to add in the bonuses for maybe some Internet Marketing training to really kind of build this up.” So those are additions I’m going to make. I need to definitely do the advice somebody gave me which is to put a chart in the kind of shows the core; kind of like from a Prevention magazine or something like that that I find a source from that’s reputable that basically ties together health and your income levels or your confidence levels and self-esteem which can help your business. And so kind of tie some of those facts in or some of the tweaks I’m going to be making too. It was successful though because if an offer does not convert then you know “I’ve really got to go back to the drawing board and I’m not in the right direction at all.” I know it converted. It did make conversions more like probably in the 3% range but for that price point and stuff it should be 7, 8, 9%. So there’s a lot of room to grow. But again I’ve had Internet Marketing offers it started off at 1.8% and then I got up to 8.8. It happened on a recent launch and that’s where you just keep sticking to stuff – we’ve talked about this in past calls – but that’s where just being consistent, making changes, changing headlines, adding facts, adding bonuses, changing prices, all those things factor into an improved price point.

Gary: Yeah because I think the conversion rates… you’re primarily known for resale rights and private label rights and doing a diet product to your list like that at 3% I think it’s a great start.

Paul: That’s what I think. It’s off to a good start and it proves that it converts with Internet Marketing type traffic and what it also does it shows that I don’t even have to offer PLR to the product either. Some people thought maybe I was offering PLR to it but I’m not. And the reason is because we’re also kind of working with JV Zoo as well because the CEO knows about it and we’re sharing some stuff with them. They’re fascinated to see how a fitness offer does on their platform because they’re known for Internet Marketing offers and they want to have more fitness type products out there so it’s kind of a win for them. So I’ve got several affiliates that have expressed some interest in pushing it and so I’m going to be reaching out to them personally and just see what happens because I think at the end of the day it’s a quality product. I actually have a great sales funnel behind it too. I have to use one of the first upsells. This ties beautifully into what we teach people here with Brainstorming Counts. I have a product that I got private label rights to that is called The Master Cleanse. It’s all about how to eliminate cleanse that’s been proven to work and how to cleanse your body from toxins and stuff and so that is actually the first upsell. It’s a really high quality product. In fact the product itself was a top Clickbank product for a while and they sold private label rights to it so I snagged it up and that is our first upsell which is converting. So we have that and we have a Facebook group which is another upsell where they pay monthly just to kind of get help and ongoing feedback. With weight loss or any kind of thing people want that extra hand-holding and sometimes it may not be any new information for them inside the group but it’s just being a part of a community of like-minded people that are helping them. So like anything I do have a sales funnel behind it. I have upsells. I have downsells and it’s all in there. So it’s all ready to go to help people. I also have my Epic Warrior Muscle program which is another program that I acquired the rights to a while ago. So you guys can see that I’ve been able to build a sales funnel outside of the Internet Marketing niche with private label rights products and that’s a perfect way to use PLR content is as your upsells.

Gary: That’s awesome. I really do think that you’ve struck gold and that you’ve actually used the product and benefited from it. Because now, like I mentioned earlier, you aren’t just a marketer behind the product writing the copy or whatever.

Paul: Right.

Gary: You’re actually able to say “Look at what this has done for me and I know it will do the same thing for you.”

Paul: Absolutely. And that’s why I was so excited. In fact I told Jason originally when we met and were talking about this I was just going to be the marketer and I was overweight at the time. And then I just told him, I said, “I need to be the best case study.” and I decided that in my mind I’m going to be his best case study and so I started losing weight, dropping weight. I dropped 13 pounds. It was like “Wow this is working.” and then I dropped 20 and then I was down to over 30 pounds lost. Then I went, “Oh my goodness! We are definitely on to something here.”

Gary: That is awesome.

Paul: Yeah.

Gary: Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this because I know it’s a little bit off of what we normally talk about but it just goes to show you what out of the box thinking can do for you and how you can come to kind of put things together that may not seem to belong together and actually sell it and that’s been proved by the conversion that Paul’s getting.

Paul: Yeah, right.

Gary: I think that’s going to be it for this edition of Brainstorming Counts and we’ll see you guys next time.

Paul: Thank you guys.