Live Discussion: Secrets Of Coaching (Audio & Transcript)

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Gary: Hey, everybody, this is Gary with another edition of Brainstorming Counts and I’m here with Paul Counts and today we’re going to talk about coaching and Paul how are you doing today?

Paul: I’m doing great thank you glad to be here

Gary: Great. Like I said I wanted to go over coaching today for some people that may want to set up their own program and maybe cover some of the things that you learned along the way in your own experience. So I guess the first question would be why exactly did you decide to get into coaching yourself?

Paul: Yeah so for me I realized the importance of having a coach, of having somebody in your corner that can help you kind of reach that next level which is so vital to success. It was very important to me to have those mentors that I learned from and also quite honestly I would have fast tracked when I got into this business how fast would I have made my money and the revenues if I had actually hired a coach and started to work a little closer to one.

I tried to do a lot of stuff on my own in trial and error and I just stuck with it and had persistence to make, it but I think I could have actually fast tracked myself by at least four or five years in the process if I had actually had some help along the way.

Because this internet marketing business, you know just to be totally honest is not simple you know, it’s a great business model, phenomenal passive income stream, great opportunity, great freedom and flexibility but just like everything else it’s a job and you need to treat it as a job and so it’s not like everything as easy as I think sometimes we are led to believe.

And so you do need that help at time because there’s a lot of unknowns that come up and so that’s why I started coaching and helping people because I noticed that there was always a gap.

Even for me I tried to create some of the best how-to training videos that I can, and I find that there are still those gaps where people still have those questions so being able to just reach out to somebody and have a Q&A session and answer those questions it’s really vital to their success.

And so that’s why I got into it and also further we’re all doing this to all generate a living and to make money so it’s also another great way to make an additional revenue stream for you. So adding coaching or coaching clubs to your program is a really good way to generate ongoing income.
Gary: That’s great. So you didn’t actually take any coaching from anyone you’re basically all self-taught is what you are saying?

Paul: Right, I’m all self-taught over many many years and I did have a few mentor’s along the way so like people like strategic partnerships and you know people lik Frank Sousa who had Traffic Geyser for a while, had a great chance to work with him some and then you know just kind of having that back and forth with that person that you can help that’s there to help you really makes a big impact on where you can go in this business.

So it’s pretty phenomenal how that works and so when I realized the power of that I realized how much faster I would have actually gone if I had just hired a coach.

But yeah for me it was all self-taught. And it was not easy but I have the mentality of persistence and sticking with something till I get it right whereas in a lot of people it could get easy to give up if you are not seeing the results you want after a few years.

Gary: Yeah because it definitely a huge learning curve and you know you see all the sales letter that tells you how easy everything is and just push-button this or push-button that – and there’s really a lot of logistics behind the scene and in most cases that really needs to be learned.

So I know that you have several different levels of coaching with different levels of access to you. For someone that might just be getting started what kinds of levels of coaching would you recommend for them to offer?

Paul: Yeah so I recommend the group coaching option. I think that’s a phenomenal way to get started I absolutely love that and it’s still one of my favorite ways to do that. Because you can charge anywhere from $27 a month all the way up to $97 a month or even $197 per month if you command that price.

But it’s really the best passive income you can have because you are really not looking at – you’re really not having to spend a ton of time on the individual coaching student, but you are providing content to them so it’s in like a group setting and you can actually run it all through Facebook.

I actually have a coaching group that runs entirely through a private Facebook group we don’t even have to have special software set up that’s how easy you can do group coaching. And literally we just have a document that is pinned to the top of the page when they log into the group and on that it has links to download the videos that we have done the training videos maybe the additional bonuses we offer some of our extra training courses.

It’s all waiting there for them and all we do is just a Q & A call or a training call twice a month so all it takes is about an hour and a half to two hours at the most every two weeks and you give them enough content and you are able to help them.

The Q&A session is them coming to you asking questions and you can provide content in that group so it could be past training or new training it could be private products that you repurposed it could be plugins it could be a variety of things that you offer them inside the members area. But you just keep adding value to them and it really works out well because you’re not putting in a lot of effort but yet you are really able to help people because it is very vital.

I mean I have watched tremendous growth from students that are going through that kind of program because they are able to ask questions when they’re stuck they are able to ask questions and that has a huge impact on your bottom line.

Gary: That’s pretty interesting because I guess I’m still a little old school in thinking about webinars and maybe go at it that way…

Paul: Yeah you can totally do that. We also do that we do the webinars so they join us for a webinar for like a month, but we also have a Facebook group where they can actually ask questions throughout the week and it’s not as difficult you know some people will discourage it and say “oh you’re going to be managing so much” it’s really not that difficult.

You know once a day we log in and see what kind of questions people have and how we are able to interact with them that is a $97 dollars a month.

If I was just charging $27 per month which you could totally do or $37 a month maybe you could just offer them for one Q&A session a month and you don’t offer them ongoing access to you through a Facebook group, right?

So that is another possibility but really the training part is fine. Sometimes I have noticed, and this is what people need to understand, when you start coaching that it’s not as much even like training you’re giving them that’s going to help them it’s those one-off questions they have that helps propel your business.

But most importantly what I found is that it’s that encouragement that they know that they are not on their own that literally puts people at ease and so it’s worth paying, but it’s not like you are ripping people off, yes they are getting value from it, but it’s that piece of mind knowing that you are in their corner.

You’re their cheerleader you’re there helping them, the other people in the group are doing the same thing. They feel like they are not alone they are able to share what their wins are for the week and it keeps them moving forward because sometimes having that accountability makes people move forward because in this business of internet marketing it’s you and your computer that you are using at the coffee shopor at your house or at your kitchen table you’re not really seeing other people.

So it’s easy to just give up and get discouraged but if you’re in a group you can get that encouragement so you can offer people that encouragement that’s a huge – I like to call it a strength in numbers you know you help strengthen people by having by more people together for the coaching. So for me I am actually am a big proponent of coaching in that way.

Gary: Yeah because I was going to say I think of some way you have to be, depending on the individual, you have to be kind of part psychologist in dealing with all kinds of people. Some of them may be put up barriers to moving forward and achieving what they want or maybe they have those self-limiting beliefs or maybe even fear of success – so you are able to take all that into account even in a group setting as far as encouragement to those people that may have those problems?

Paul: Yeah right we definitely are. And you can kind of get to know people through the various calls that you are doing twice a month you get to know what kind what each person is because you get to know them.

And it sounds funny too – like we have one of our coaching group $97 a month and at its peak we have at one point 500 plus members in it and it was doing a lot of revenue and getting a lot of people in the doors, but it was fascinating that you could have 500 people paying a $97 a month and only about 20 of them would show up.

It’s only about a core 20 would show up. And we recorded all of that and archived them but people would continue to pay even though they weren’t showing up for each one of the sessions .

So you know that was fascinating to me because it’s not like I had to answer 500 questions all at once. There was a core group of 20-35 people that would continue to consistently show up so you kind of got to know those people through that, and so everybody learns differently.

Some people they would, and this is a great thing to add to your coaching program – but we would actually let people ask questions, so they could ask questions beforehand so they couldn’t show up live they could just ask their questions in a chat window we would answer it live and then they would watch the replays.

So it’s not like we were sitting on a call with 500 people and we’re having to know 500 personalities. You literally might be on a call with 10-20 people that just have questions for that week or maybe 30 people submitting questions, but only a couple people are on call and then they catch the replays.

So if you offer the replay that makes it really nice because that way people can feel like they are on pace and they don’t have to worry about time zone issues because we have people all over the globe. So there are time zone problems.

You can’t make everybody happy but it’s a great thing to do, so you do have to get to know people a bit but I think it’s a very great income stream if you add a coaching program.

And it’s really easy to start out with because you don’t have to have a lot of material to start a coaching program, you really just need to be able to offer a couple Q&A sessions.

You could do it through Google Hangout if you want. That’s free you don’t even actually need a webinar service to start out with but it is a really good add on, and I like to position my coaching program, my couching club, as an upsell to products that they have already purchased.

Gary: That’s really smart because if you are already in that mindset they’ve got the product and it’s like I can get individualized help or ;live help in a Facebook group or whatever that’s really, really smart.

So have you ever offered coaching by doing weekly you directly to their emails or my video or anything along those lines? I mean with something like your product No Cost Income Stream you could kind of do that you think? Or somebody else might be able to do that, to set up their own coaching program as far as an email type thing?

Paul: Right yeah. In fact I’ve had a couple people that have bought licensing rights to some of my programs in the past where they have actually done just that.

So they have taken my video courses and so every week they might deliver a couple videos to people and just kind of drip feed it that way and then they offer them support for that.

So it’s kind of like ‘okay you can email me unlimited times with your questions and concerns about this particular product’ or what we are doing. And it works for me and I have noticed that it works really well and it’s a really good strategy.

I have a friend of mine that was one of my coaching students that paid a larger amount and he does this very successfully where he takes PLR products and he positions them as weekly coaching programs and he charges per week, and people pay $3 a week.

And at the end of the day they are paying $12 a month, but it’s a lot more affordable for people at times it seems a lot less. But he is able to be there and answer questions as they’re going through whatever PLR product it is that they acquired and they are good products so they are teaching people stuff so they can get that extra level of email support so that’s another angle, you could do. I’ve seen it done successfully I have done it a little bit but I’m actually seeing more of my students go that approach and it seems to work really well

Gary: So you had a high ticket offer coaching program not too long ago maybe I don’t know four or five months ago how does that work for you what is the response from your students from that, because I think that they can text you or they can email you…

Paul: Right they can text and they can contact me. We have a few people signed up through that and it’s a little more hands-on so you charge a bit more. But it’s fascinating that it’s like the text and the emails and the needing support that comes a lot at the beginning and then it kind of just tapers off.

And again it’s not like I let them go or anything – it’s just that the coaching program they are paying for it so as they need me they will reach out. It’s not my job to say okay sometimes I will check in to see – but it’s not my job to be constantly checking in so if they need me I am there and so that’s another nice thing to know is that sometimes the coaching program can generate additional cash flow for you when you need it or just additional cash flow, that’s just the nature of the business.

And it’s a way that some people like that peace of mind knowing that they have a coach in their corner. And so yeah, it works out well and that’s another idea for something people can offer you can offer coaching at the higher ticket levels, so you don’t even have to do the $97 a month if you don’t want.

You can do I one-off $2,000, or $997 and my friend Paul Evans he has an email coaching that does really well so does Jimmy D. Brown, and they are charging about $1,000 for that and it works really well.

It’s just daily email coaching and the way he does it is really smart because he limits them to one question per day. And the reason is that, and it makes so much sense, because the problem is that if people come in and they ask you 10 questions and you give them 10 answers, you spent all this time, they’re really going to only take action on one of them .

So it’s better to just say ‘okay ask one question today and I will answer it’ and then you can be focused and clear of mind. And then also when you set up those ground rules, it’s really easy so you could say I will answer emails Monday through Thursday then you have Friday Saturday Sunday off.

And then if you’re able to ask questions you can charge a one-off $997 for that for six months if you wanted.

So you can play around with pricing but those are ways you can get kind of an influx cash but then the Coaching Club like I was talking about earlier where you do Q&A sessions and charge monthly those are things that create a really nice base line of income that kind of keeps your business moving.

Gary: What if you found as far as your individual coaching what has been your most popular price point?

Paul: Yes, so my individual coaching I haven’t done a lot. I’ve actually focused more on the group coaching and a lot of that is most for my personal preference and I like the group coaching atmosphere because I feel like I can help a lot more broader spectrum of people.

I feel like the income is a little bit more reliable because it comes in every month whereas other ones it can be very up and down, yeah, but my sweet spot for pricing on the higher price it’s kind of been I would probably say around the $5,000 range for a full year of access and coaching… so around $5,000.

And you can put people on payment plans if you wanted to but I don’t do… I actually don’t have many students doing that. And I really don’t push that as much as I do the monthly because the monthly is really nice to get that baseline covered and it’s more predictable.

Gary: Yes absolutely! Well I guess that’s it for today

Paul: Awesome

Gary: This is Gary with another edition of Brainstorming Counts along with Paul Counts and we’ll see you guys next time!

Paul: Alright sounds good!