Live Discussion: Building Strong Business Relationships (2) (Audio & Transcript)

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Gary: Welcome everybody this is Gary with another episode of Brainstorming Counts with Paul Counts here. Paul how you doing?

Paul: Doing really well, glad to be here as usual love these calls.

Gary: Yeah me too. So last month we talked about how important relationships are in this business and how they can really make or break your success. I thought we might do a little bit of follow up and see about giving the listener some practical advice about how they might go about actually starting to develop these relationships.

Now I know this is going to vary from marketer to marketer but how would you recommend someone who is looking to start ramping up their business or even just get it off the ground to approach maybe a successful marketer to start developing a mutually beneficial relationship?

Paul: Yeah I think you know the key thing here is you need to be willing to give and give value to them first and you know it’s not just because you know we all want nice things because we’re very busy too and you know one of the fastest ways to build to a relationship, can you hear me okay.

Gary: Yeah, you`re great.

Paul: Okay great, yeah and one of the fastest ways to build a new relationship is to give value to them first. So for my case, I like to be their top affiliate. So I work really hard to be their top affiliate. Whether it’s even if I didn’t have an email list I would start doing the blogging and blog about their upcoming launch.
I would do some YouTube videos because they will notice even if you’re not in their top leader board they’re going to notice who`s sending them five to ten sales. They’re going to see those names start to pop up and so you know if you see somebody you really want to become an affiliate for, start doing blogging, start doing the videos for a start, sending tweets out about their product, start establishing you know if you have an email list.

Even if it’s three hundred people. Mail those three hundred people that offer, mail it consistently and make a few sales because all of a sudden they’re going to be going through their logs and saying who’s this guy that keeps popping up every time I launch something or they keep seeing their name and so you know I did that, you know with Eric Holmlund and that’s why you know we have a multimillion dollar partnership. Eric Holmlund and myself and we partnered up with Jeff Wellman with The Real Guys and you know the three of us we went on to sell millions of dollars in sales on Click Bank and online.

All because instead of approaching Eric and say hey, we should partner together what I did is, I just said, you know what I’m going to get his attention and I’m going to be a top affiliate that’s what I did and you know.

Another cool way that people have used to get my attention is to send something nice through the mail because in this day and age everything is done electronically even our bills are sent electronically and so we don’t always are used to getting stuff in our mailbox and so when something comes in the form of a physical letter and it literally will cost you thirty seven cents or a postcard or something you get.

Something like that in the mail you get a small little even a you know a note with a five dollars Starbucks gift card. You better believe that’s going to make you look and see who that person is.

That’s happened to me, the gift cards has happen and then I’ll drop my address here after this, just kidding. But you know like small little gifts, you know small little tokens of appreciation that works and then you know.

Another cool thing that I’ve had good success with is you know is also with you know like so the gifts. But then brownies, so there’s somebody that I know you know, anything he launches I am right there I don’t care what product it is. I’m almost right there as long as it stands within my values which his products do. He sends me brownies you know, so every Christmas season I get brownies from this person.

This it’s been happening for five or six years. But I tell you what he gets my attention by sending me those brownies and it is well worth it because I sell thousands of dollars of his products every year for twenty dollars’ worth of brownies. You know and so that’s pretty cool and you know you can.

I’ve received gift baskets. I’ve got another person that I was just chatting with today and I’m one of the top five on his leader board right now. He sent me a fruit basket one time you know gift basket and I’m not saying you have to go elaborate on these elaborate gifts like a gift basket or even twenty dollars of brownies, but even a personal card or a postcard will go a long way to establish that relationship.

Another cool thing you can do as far as adding value is to buy that person’s product so you’re a customer of theirs first and that’s important be a customer of theirs first and then do a testimonial about their product or their coaching program and then send that to them, and when I say testimony I don’t mean just a written testimonial.

Do a video testimonial, pull out the camera or pull out your phone and do a selfie video talking about that product and you’ll be amazed at what that does because that really establishes that report. Had only a few people do that, but it really stands out amongst everything else you get. Because we’re not used to people just taking that extra time and that literally to do a selfie video might take you three minutes and then you can send it to them via Skype, via Facebook.

You can say, hey I got a video to send you what’s the best way to get it? You could upload it to YouTube and drop them the link. But a cool little video like that will go a long way to establish that relationship and make us want to continue, make somebody want to continue that relationship further.

So those are just some real practical ways to establish those relationships all done you know without having to go to those events. I mean if you can afford because you know those weekends do get expensive. If you can afford to go fly somewhere or book a hotel for a weekend/food all that stuff.

I mean you’re looking at a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars for a weekend you know if you don’t want to do that, but just establish those relationships online and here’s some simple but practical ways to reach out to people through physical mail, small, small gifts like in the five dollar range and even doing a video testimonial for their product or a nice review for them.

And also even another cool way to establish a relationship is to say hey, ‘I like your product I would like to use that as an upsell in my sales funnel’ so that’s another cool idea. Another thing to do is to offer a download page ads. Oh, hey I am going to put your offer on my download page. Those are all cool and simple and little practical things you can do.

Gary: Yeah, it’s good. I’m glad you brought up the brownies because that was actually on my list of questions as we’d talked about that before. So you think even if somebody has just purchased a product and maybe they don’t have a list or anything like that, but if they purchase somebody’s product then maybe just drop them a postcard in the mail, saying ‘Hey! love your product!’ Just to kind of get on the radar. Would you recommend something like that or…?

Paul: That would be cool too. That would be another awesome way to kind of just establish that as well, so that be a really cool thing to do.

Gary: Yeah, so for someone who has no list and no traffic in, you know maybe they have a website or whatever. And as I say this I mean a person really should have the feel of who the marketer is as a person… but would it be at all advantageous for them to offer to do some grunt work for the marketer that they want to develop this relationship with?

Or would you recommend that because you know there’s different areas like technical product, creation traffic, sales, copy and if you know somebody might be good at any one of those then depending on the marketer that maybe they might have some use for them?

Paul: Yeah, I think that’s a really good strategy because you know if you’re willing to do grunt work and say ‘I will help you recruit affiliates for your next launch, or ‘I will make introductions for you’.

Because you may know somebody that maybe there’s a marketer that you’ve established a relationship with that maybe this other person doesn’t know so little introductions like that help but also offering to do little things like hey, I will e-mail affiliates for you personal. You know send personal e-mails. I will take your content and submit it on social media profiles. I will post your launch in Facebook Groups. I’ll do copy and paste work for you.

So offering to do stuff like that will go a long way in establishing a relationship so you could most definitely do that. That’s a really cool way to also established relationships because it’s those little things that you know we’re so used to everybody taking you know people just want as much of your time they want as much of you as possible but we’re not used to people that gives right and that just doesn’t happen very much sadly.

But if you’re willing to give and be a giver and I find even now I mean I’m well established but I find still being a giver makes a difference you know. So it doesn’t matter who you’re dealing with whether it’s somebody over at Pay Pal or your Click Bank rapport or somebody else you know somebody high up in the business.

If you are willing to give value to them you’re going to get value in return and it happens no matter what level you’re at in this business and so I love that you brought up doing grunt work because little things like that. You know, like copying and pasting, a blurb about a launch and saying I’ll post this on one hundred J.V. launch boards for you on Facebook that’s huge you know that’s going to all of a sudden establish that relationship.

Gary: Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure about you know. I’ve heard some people and I must a read about it quite a while back that, you know that a couple of people have done that and had good success with it and I was just curious of it in your case… you would find that valuable it’s really good to know that you do.

Would you recommend that a marketer try to develop a relationship by e-mail? Because I know your e-mail is just got to be like crazy flooded.

Paul: Insanely flooded, yeah. I need to get an assistant to actually go through it more.

Gary: Yeah, so I think it would be very easy to be overlooked. So, I guess so I would probably go back to finding out what the mailing address is of the person without stalking. I mean obviously if you have to look it up on Spokeo or one of those websites that has all your information on it.

You know maybe that’s not the best way to go but you know you can generally look at the bottom of the messages that you get from the auto responder and it should be some address down there that you should be at contact them.

Paul: Yeah, good that’s a really good tip and also like if you go to their blog and look at their privacy policy the address is usually right there too.

Gary: Right, yeah. What about social media, how might they use say Facebook without coming across like a stalker, you know and I say that half joking but you know?

Paul: Yeah.

Gary: Well some people can come across very, very aggressive. And this is a true story, I was at a seminar and I was sitting at the table with a very well-known marketer and a few other of us at the same table and we were talking and you know the guy mentioned where he lived.

And all sudden one of the attendees is like ‘Oh yeah, yeah I drove by there before’ and everybody just kind a looked at the guy like you know it was kind of weird. Because you know in a way it was stalking.

And I talk to the marketer a little bit later he’s like ‘that was really weird’. So, it’s important not to come across as a stalker I guess is what I’m getting at. So as far as the social media goes, what would you say would be the best approach to start developing a relationship?

Paul: Yeah, you definitely want to avoid being a stalker. I’ve had a few incidences like that to happen, it’s pretty fascinating you know. So, yeah you just want to not be too creepy but I mean as far as you know just basically you know signing up you know like asking to friend them right.

If they friend you back or follow them because a lot of guys the more well-known ones the Facebook is a little more you know it’s hard even to send a friend request and so you know going out there liking the occasional post maybe commenting something friendly. I mean it’s funny, comments go a long way in establishing a relationship you know positive ones too because they stand out me we don’t.

People are more apt to like a post but they are apt to leave a comment. So even commenting does make a difference it really does and you know obviously don’t be weird with your comment but you know if you’re commenting on Facebook eventually they’re going to start to recognize you know.

I not saying you want to comment or like everything they do because it might be kind of a little extreme but you know on occasion you know just start to build that rapport.

You know send them a private message if you see they have a launch coming up with some luck on that launch I mean those little simple like, you know connection points or reaching out makes so quite a bit different you know as a posed to the competition so it really does it really does a establish a really cool report.

Gary: Yeah, because I kind of notice some people. And I’m guilty you know of just clicking a like button myself but I’ve noticed few people, Frank in particular that put some comments to a lot of stuff that you post, but it comes cross very well and I think he would probably be an example to follow.

Paul: Right, he’s great and he and I go way back. Yeah, he’s known me since I, he actually kind of got me started in this business.

Gary: Oh really?

Paul: Yes, yeah he got me you know started online and he’s now actually gone into you know just more retirement mode. So, yeah he just has more just an encourager and he actually was co- owner traffic Geyser, so.

Gary: Oh right, right, right, right.

Paul: Yeah, yeah so he was one of the big dogs back in the day, so yeah.

Gary: Yeah, I thought I recognize the name but it was just I don’t know.

Paul: Yeah, yeah but he had no heat. That’s a great example because you know I always know he’s there and so it works out really well so it’s a cool connection point.

Gary: Yeah and one way and I’d also like to bring up on it as not going to be for everyone but I think you know the way it established a relationship with you…
Paul: Yes.

Gary: …was I joined a coaching program mainly because I wanted access to your list because I had a product that I thought would fit really well.

Paul: Right.

Gary: And all of this just kind of developed over time and you know it’s been great so I would recommend if you can afford it.

You know a lot of them have different levels of coaching. So even if you can get in on the email coaching to where that gets know you a little bit or going on the full blown coaching or whatever, where you can talk on the phone.

I would certainly recommend as in you’re getting direct access and that’s a great way to get to know somebody and know how they are as a person and really if you want to work with them because that’s very important to have a lot of the same values and a lot of the same vision as far as what you want to accomplish.

Paul: Oh, absolutely that’s a great, I mean how you establish that relationship is genius. I mean you, you join the coaching program so obviously you got attention because a little higher ticket sale and that involved personal connection points and then you did something amazing.

So you took one of my products and you had already done work on it and you’d said, hey I just took them and revoiced your products and so all of a sudden it was like “Why I have no choice but to launch with you” and I already knew you.

We go way back you know. So I recognize your name and you also are close by you know and so it was just cool how that all worked out but you, you’re right on.

I mean that’s exactly where it goes to instead of saying, “Hey! Paul I want you to do this for me” – you built a relationship as it should be done and so there’s alot to be said about that and that’s only because it’s not even that you know like.

I’m one where it’s like I want I expect people to do nice things for me before I do nice things for them. That’s not how I am. I’m just honestly just so, so busy you know, and you know from working with me I am very busy. And a lot of stuff going on, you know with family and you know wife and producing a movie and just a lot of moving parts going out once in my life and so it is.

It does stand out when somebody does you know, puts value into you and takes a little bit off your plate or says look I’m willing to do this. Yeah, it makes a difference. And so the way you establish that really is a great way to build that rapport in that relationship in a special way and you know there’s even guys I go back to some of the pioneers of internet marketing – guys that you guys would recognize – that were kind of started out and I’ve heard a few of their stories and they basically got some of the highest Guru`s at that time in our space to pay attention to them.

They did something like the testimonials that I was talking about and because you know if I’ve had a few people do that for me and you know anyway it turned out where the Guru ended up mentoring these people and bringing them up to where they are because they took five minutes and did a video testimonial saying how great they thought the person’s program was.

Instantly stood out from the crowd. Something as simple as that because I don’t get video testimonials every day and if all of a sudden you get a couple wow! I mean, also and you’re going to take notice and say well thank you so much for that and then next thing you know you recognize that person’s name when they send you an e-mail and they Skype you.

You know you’re going to go all of a sudden go oh yeah I recognize that person. So you know it goes a long way just those little things but like you pointed out. You delivered massive value to me and it built that relationship and so you need to give before you get. That”s a life principle.

Gary: Yeah a great one to live by and hope everybody will take that to heart. Well we got some really great advice in this call and I guess we’ll probably wrap it up for this time. This is Gary with Brainstorming Counts and signing off with Paul Counts.

Paul: Awesome! Yes so glad to be here guys, this is great.

Gary: Alright, see you guys next time.

Paul: Thank you.