3 New Joint Ventures In A Week – It IS Possible!

Joint Ventures

3 New Joint Ventures In A Week

After a lot of research, you have spotted a niche and made up your mind to venture into it.

Since you don’t have enough capital for setting it up, you need joint venture partners to help you create a product to sell or expand your market.

But how will you be able to get serious JV’s when you have zero contacts in your niche.

Well, here’s how.

First, ensure your product is relevant and would get people excited to the point they will be willing to promote it to their list.

You can do this by coming up with a product that solves a BIG problem, preferably a problem that people are spending a lot of time and money trying to solve.

Come up with a blueprint of the product that will solve the problem successfully.

You don’t have to provide information about the problem and how it is affecting people as there is plenty of such info online.

Instead, your blueprint should only concentrate on solving the problem.

For instance “5 Steps to Getting 5 Hot Dates in One Week”.

Now that you have a product, take some time to set up a JV page and its About Me page on your website.

Your JV page should explain what your product is and how potential JV partners’ customers will benefit from it, as well as the commission your JV partners will earn, etc.

Make it as professional as possible but don’t over concentrate on the tone, just get it done.

The About Me page should have professional and personal info on you so that any JV partner can know you better so that they get comfortable with the idea of working with you.

If your product has received some testimonials, ensure to create a separate testimonial page for that, but if there are no testimonials, skip this.

Now, it’s time to find potential JV partners.

Let’s say your new niche is golf.

Search for golf newsletters and analyze all the results you get.

Search for golf products and golf e-courses, and anything related to golfing including blogs, forums, and pages where you will be sure to find someone with a list of golf players.

The key here is to find people with the list of people who play golf.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they have a product similar to yours, what matters is they have a list of golf players.

With a little creativity and research, you will find many people with lists like these, some of which have never thought of monetizing it- they just do it because it is a hobby.

Social sites are good avenues for finding potential partners.

Focus on compiling a small to medium-sized list to build your confidence.

After you have a done a couple of JV’s and began to build your reputation in your field, you can approach the big players.

Ask yourself, who already has a large audience that you too want to reach out to? Where do these people meet or hang out?

This is where you need to be hanging out, both online, and if possible offline as well.

Once you find these golf list owners, jot down their names, email addresses, and URLs.

If you get their phone numbers, that’s good as well.

Now, contact them via email individually.

Contact a few every day just in case you get several replies back all at once.

When you contact them, you might explain to them how you came to know about them.

Something like, I’m a fan of your blog posts, or I read your book.

The idea here is to show them respect and admiration.

However, don’t exaggerate things as you will make them uncomfortable.

Be specific in your praise.

Don’t say; you are the best golf blogger ever.

Say, your article on “how to” helped me a lot.

After that, you can take a direct or indirect way of expressing yourself.

The direct way goes something like this:

I thought you might be interested in joint venturing.

Here is an opportunity I have, and if you would be interested, I would like to get an appointment to speak with you soon.

Give them a link to your JV page, your About Me page, your testimonial page, and your sales page.

Offer to send them a copy of the product to review.

The indirect method is lengthy and takes a little longer, however, it tends to work better, so you will need to decide which way is best for you.

The indirect method goes something like this:

You would like to have a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Request a quick phone conversation so you can discuss the possibilities.

Send them a link to your About Me page but don’t include any other links.

If they are interested, they can search your blog and find other pages, but you don’t want to be the one doing all that.

Once you have them on the phone, discuss the possibilities, which of course would include promoting your product.

If after sending them these emails you don’t hear back from them in a week, resend the email with a one-line note saying something like this, “Just wanted to be sure you saw this,” or any other phrase you see fit to include.

Now, I’m sure some people will prefer the first method of getting JVs as they will see it as better to spend some time establishing a relationship by doing favors for the potential JV partners before asking them to do anything.

And without a doubt, I endorse that unequivocally.

However, if your product is indeed hot and solves a big problem in a step-by-step manner, then you will easily get JV partners using this method.

Also, if you need money now, this is the way to go.

You might need to contact about 10-20 people to get 3 JV’s, and that will be worth it.

Just ensure you are super polite and friendly.

Don’t burn any bridges, if you encounter someone who is rude to you, never take offense.

If someone never gets back to you, avoid sending them any other emails.

You might want to wait to contact the big list owners until you have a few JVs under your belt.

In fact, this is a good idea.

However, there is a way you can contact the bigwigs in your niche right way if you are up to the task.

That is, if you feel you have confidence.

You are going to request an interview with them that you can add to your product.

Most people are looking for more publicity and exposure, so this is a great way to put your foot forward.

The odds are that if they give you an interview, they will also promote your product because it is incorporated into their interview.

Here is a trick.

Find the big players in your niche who are doing something in the near future.

Maybe they are planning to release a new product or a new book, where they are looking for publicity.

This is the best time to ask them for an interview, as they have their reason for wanting to get more exposure.

If you get one big name in your product package, then you can leverage this to get more JV partners.

Some potential partners will be interested in your product because they will think that if these big players are in your product, then it is something worth a try and they will want to be a part of it too.

Remember, if your product solves a big problem, then it will create breakthroughs, and you can attract partners.

You just have to play it right when asking these “big dogs” to JV with you.