I see companies losing millions or billions (WeWork, Lyft, Uber) yet investors are piling in to give them money, even when those companies admit they “may never make money”.

At the same time, on my travels, I meet small business owners who have a great idea and which will not only be profitable, but will also “change the world” in a positive way.

Yet, they find it very difficult to raise money.

It seems that unless you’ve run a business that becomes famous, no-one is interested in investing in you.

And that’s terribly sad.

Here’s what you and I can do.

We all have individual skills.

It may be in accounts, it may be in web design, it may be in sales, it may be in motivation.


Every time you hear someone has a business idea, give them your help and experience for free.

That way, some magic happens.

Firstly, you may just have invested your time into a start-up that will become mega.

I’ve done that – and it’s a very gratifying feeling.

Secondly, you get to meet other entrepreneurs.

And the best way to achieve success is to mix with other people who want to be successful, too.

It’s gives you a massive boost.

I spend a lot (too much, sometimes!) of my time in airport lounges, on planes and in hotel lounges.

Whenever possible, I get talking to other people there – by definition, they’re all successful people.

I have my cards if they ask. And I always get theirs.

You never know who you’re going to meet …

Now, I know that most people don’t do the travelling that I do, but talk to your neighbours, your fellow parents at PTA meetings, your lawyer, your accountant, your work colleagues.

Almost every one is wanting to be an entrepreneur.

Yes, most of them are dreamers and will never do anything about it.

But the balance … gold dust.

I mentioned lawyers and accountants, if you have them.

I discovered yesterday that both my lawyer and my accountant have quite a few clients who are British and Irish, living here in Sofia.

At my suggestion, they are now planning a get-together for us all.

I’ll arrange for it to be held at the residence of the British Ambassador (it’s good to know people, see!).

More gold dust.

Just (please!) don’t use these opportunities to sell your product or service.

Do it to help others – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the help and advice you’ll receive!