If I Had The Opportunity To Go Back And Change Things About My Life, Would I Do It?

The Butterfly Effect

A friend of mine asked me recently if I had the opportunity to go back and change things about my life, would I do it?

It’s an interesting question, I’m sure all of us at some point have looked back at our lives and thought where would I be if I had….?
There was a film produced in 2004, that lends its name to this very article, The Butterfly Effect, starring Ashton Kutcher, and the basic premise is that his character wants to free himself from disturbing memories from his past.
I won’t ruin the film for you, and I do encourage you all to see it for yourselves, it’s interesting.
But in a nutshell, the film plays out various timelines resulting from him changing things at different points in his past.
A fictitious example would be if the character got hit by a car and had a severe leg break/knee injury resulting in limited movement, what is the outcome if you go back and change that?
Does the character then go on to be an Olympic sprinter?
Or does the story play out the same or in different ways?
This is what I mean by the butterfly effect, the premise that if a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon, there is a hurricane in Canada.
Every small change changes the whole.
Back to our own lives and businesses, if we are asked the same question, are there indeed things we’d go back and change?
Or would you take the more metaphysical view that everything had to happen just that way to get you to this point where you can ask yourself that very question?
As online entrepreneurs we are often bombarded with different products and campaign techniques, some we try, others we don’t.
Some campaigns succeed, other campaigns bomb!
Sometimes we might try to break into completely new niches, and get cruelly pushed back.
And left to wonder what on earth happened.
Like me, I’m sure when you’ve become an entrepreneur, you may have a deal or campaign go bad and be left wondering why you even started down this path in the first place.
Some of us have several false starts before we find the formula that works for us.
We’ve all questioned ourselves at one time or another.
We wondered if maybe we should go back to that regular job or that different plan.
But you’re here at this moment asking that very question, “If I could would I go back and change…?” and the simple answer is if you did that you may never be here at this point asking that question.
You would be living a different life, it might be better, it might be worse.
But the past doesn’t actually matter, it’s in the past after all.
If you want a different present, a different future, then take your life in your hands and forge the future you want.
If your business isn’t working quite the way you want, then change it.
One little change right now, may well lead to a huge change tomorrow, or no change at all, in which case make another change.
Flap your wings as many times as it takes to create your hurricane …