How To Start A Business From Scratch – And Have It Earning Within 3 Months?

How Do You Start A Business From Scratch – And Have It Earning Within 3 Months?

Let’s say I am a newbie, which means I don’t have a list, enough traffic, an online following, or a well-known name – none of that.

All I have is experience as to what works and what does not.

In addition, let me put more pressure on myself.

My life depends on me making a fulltime income at the end of the 3 months.

This is a situation many people find themselves in, and the pressure to make money to pay bills is big.

If you go unpaid, you are in big trouble, and you could end up losing your home, or even worse.

So, if I was in that situation, here is what I would do:

1.       Make myself indispensable

There are no magic products that will make you magic money.

There is no secret combination of buttons or tricks to make you money.

This world is a free market, and in this free market, one way to stand out and make money is to be indispensable to people who need your skills and solutions to their problems.

Focus on making yourself indispensable, and the money will follow.

When you focus on providing a solution, you overcome the temptations of using those hyped up programs that promise to make you quick money.

And I’m not saying that all the hyped programs are bad, in fact, many of the step-by-step and how-to programs are useful.

Mark my words, they are useful puzzle pieces which you must solve for them to be useful – but they are generally not full-blown businesses.

2.       I would figure out the outcome first

What is my market? My goal? My service or product? What is the solution that I can offer that people will gladly pay for? What is one major benefit I can offer to my customers? This is where I would start.

3.       Build my website

The odds are that I may not have enough money for a website so I will settle for a blog.

I’m not going to spend all my time setting this up since I only have three months.

I will spend a maximum of hour choosing the URL, hosting, and I will then choose a simple, uncluttered theme.

I will also get an autoresponder, and I will be ready to get started.

Yes, this takes money to get started, but it’s not a lot of money.

You are making an investment and if you think spending a few hundred dollars to set up your internet business is a lot of money, consider the alternative and you will find out that it will cost you a few thousand dollars to establish a brick and mortar business.

4.       Content for the blog

I would also dedicate time to create content for your blog – but this is not about running a blog – it is about running a business.

Your blog should be a tool to get your business done.

So, how would I do this?

I would look at the biggest benefit that I deliver and write down the stumbling block people encounter before they get that big benefit.

I would pick three of these benefits and come up with a great post on how to overcome the barriers.

I would then repurpose my posts into podcasts and videos, as well as incentivize people to subscribe to my newsletter and join my list.

NOTE: I am only creating three pieces of great, informative content, not 300 pieces.

And I’m repurposing them.

Some folks spend years trying to get everything in order, but I only have 3 months.

So, I will forget about being perfect and just do what I can do.

5.       Next, I would offer coaching or a service

Why would I opt to do this? Because it is the quickest way to make fast money.

Offering a product is wise, but it takes time to create a product, and more time to build a list where you can promote that product.

When you have a small list, it is best to focus on coaching or services because it is the fastest way to make a profit.

My blog posts would be highly focused on making my readers take the next step, which will be a free consultation.

As a newbie, it is not easy to sell a $400 a month coaching program or a $1,000 website optimization package.

But it is possible if you get your first review.

6.       I would focus on adding more people to my phonebook

If I keep getting more people on the phone, I’m sure of two things; the more prospects I get, the more likely some will agree to my coaching or service.

Besides, I will get a better understanding of their needs and thus tailor my solutions to meet their needs better.

7.       I would way overdeliver like a madman to my first customers

I would blow my first customers away and to get a great, raving testimonial that would attract more clients.

I would also focus on maintaining constant communication with both my clients and everyone on my list as well as on social media.

If someone reaches out to me, I will answer them quickly.

If they mention me on social media, probably because someone is looking for a service I can offer, I will thank them the same day.

My business is about people, and my goal is to please them and build my name and reputation.

8.       I will keep learning

As I service my clients, I will keep learning about what their needs are, and I will use that information to create my first product for my list.

Selling time for money (service industry) is a great way to get started, but soon, you want to create assets that will systematize your income and be part of a sale funnel.

9.       It’s time to focus on generating more traffic

Guest blog posting, social media, and paying for ads are methods that can be used to drive people to your site and get more people to join your list.

Each of these methods has its learning curve, and with constant improvement, you will see quick returns on your monetary investment and time.

I would also build relationships with key marketers in my niche.

This is a sure way of driving quality traffic since you are being endorsed by an expert who is recommending you to their audience.

10.     Improve the benefits I deliver to customers

A great day today, sounds good tomorrow and not good enough for the day after.

You have to stay at the top of your market and provide customers with better benefits every day.

That way, you will be indispensable.

Bottom Line

By delivering solutions to problems people face, you can build a fully functioning business within a short amount of time.

And yes, you can earn a full time income in 3 months by diligently following these steps.