How Do You Put A Dinosaur Into A Jam Jar?

There’s a children’s riddle that goes like this: 

How do you put a dinosaur into a jam jar?

The answer is: You need a pair of tweezers, a pair of binoculars, a jam jar and of course a dinosaur.

The method to capture is so elegant in its simplicity, all you have to do is look at the dinosaur through the wrong end of the binoculars, then simply pick him up with the tweezers and drop him in the jam jar… apparently.

Of course, as adults we know that that approach would never work, but as children, it’s magical and awe-inspiring, well at least it was to me when my Mum told me that one.

She was full of silly little riddles and tricks like that, things that would capture the imagination of a little eight-year old.

As we get older, though, we put aside all those little tricks and riddles as being childish and not worth our time.

Some, when they are lucky enough to have children of their own, remember these tales and recount them back.

But for others they lie dormant and nearly forgotten.

But did you catch the lesson in that simple little riddle?

As adults we know that you cannot catch a dinosaur with a jar and a pair of tweezers, but as children we didn’t know that.

Just by looking at something a little differently, or by using the wrong end of the binoculars, the impossible becomes possible.

That’s a lesson we as entrepreneurs should really be recalling and relearning.

That just by looking at things a little differently, a whole new realm of possibilities opens up to us.

Just because we have learned one way, doesn’t mean that that is the only way possible.

As you approach your business, always keep in the forefront of your mind, to look at each decision a little differently, as that is how you get your edge.

And one small change can give spectacular results ….  

Alun, who still likes to remember the dinasour and the jam jar. And my mum.