Alun Hill is the owner / investor of 32 businesses.

He lives with his wife in Sofia and Vienna.

A long time international TV and Radio journalist and broadcaster, he has spent his working life reporting from most corners of the planet

He still travels the world almost continuously, both speaking to business audiences and listening to business owners.

In each case, he learns about business problems and solutions and shows ways of improving these business models.

His talks and videos on “Perfect Motivation” have helped thousands of individuals to achieve happier, more successful lifestyles, regardless of their background, income, etc.

Indeed, he has now taught almost 100,000 people, all over the world (both in person and through his podcasts and online courses), the skills to succeed in their own life, including motivation, business start-up, business growth, marketing and personal transformation.

He has featured on CNN, BBC, Fortune magazine and many more.

His daily newsletter has thousands of subscribers and is available for free. Importantly, it never contains any adverts.

This is very important to Alun, who strives to produce content that is solely of genuine interest to those looking to ....

make an extra $1,000 a month
— Alun Hill