Does Marketing Automation Work Better In Some Niches Than Others

Marketing automation sounds like a wonderful concept – freeing up your staff and letting the computer do all the work, but it’s not really that simple.
First, there is a ton of thought, analysis, and planning that goes into the decision whether or not to automate your marketing.
For example, as Alun Hill explains, if you aren’t at a certain business size, one that can handle auto-generating a substantial number of qualified leads, marketing automation won’t produce any substantial results.

Unless you have been experiencing a certain level of growth, you won’t find much benefit from automating your marketing. Automation is best suited for companies that are already in a growth pattern. It would seem that if your growth has been stagnating, that automating your marketing should provide more customers, and therefore more sales, thus leading to new growth. The problem is that marketing automation is best suited to continue a growth trend that is already in place, rather than to “jump st