Do You Need Some Money To Develop Your Business Idea?

Don’t be embarrassed, please.

After all, this is 2019 – and the old days of borrowing money to get your business idea running are, frankly, long gone.

Banks rarely want to lend to start-ups (and banks have no idea when it comes to entrepreneurs anyway, have they?) and whilst we see Uber and such like getting millions and millions … well that’s not for us, is it?

Worse, if your business doesn’t work out, you’ll end up owing money and interest – and that’s not an incentive, is it?

Ooh, and your family will object straightaway, I guess!

Here’s what I suggest if you’re serious about a business idea that needs funding but where you:

a) don’t have your own money to put in / don’t want to put your own money in, and

b) you don’t want to be paying interest, and

c) you don’t want to repay the money.

Let me say firstly, though, that some people succeed and others fail at this, as there are secrets to success.

As I say so often in these newsletters, training / knowledge / learning from the experts is crucial.

And here, this was never more true.

And I can tell you this.

The companies that I’ve advised on this have never failed to raise money in a few days.

Now, yes, some of these businesses later failed, but not thorough a lack of capital – and they have to make no repayments of either the money they received or of any interest repayments.


When people come to me for investment, my first thought is often about what’s called crowdfunding.

This way, I can help them with business advice – and neither they nor I have any capital at risk.

As part of my “Zadroni” series, I have a series of videos that teach you how to succeed at raising money this way.

And – it’s not in any way difficult to do.

You’ll learn:

  • how to receive funding within a few days
  • feedback from potential investors, which allows you to improve your business (at no cost!)
  • the laws and rules of success
  • the best possible fundraising best business practices
  • how to attract the maximum number of people possible to invest
  • a good chance of lots of advance publicity (for free!)
  • … and, biggest of all, the first “round” of fundraising sets you up to do larger, future rounds. Just like Uber, WeWork, Slack and thousands more companies – all of whom, never forget, started just like you … just as one person with an idea.

And, as I mentioned above, others do this and fail .. because they have no idea what they’re doing – whereas you will know exactly what you need to do to be successful.

How much can you raise?

Well, we’ve done from $2,500 to $48,000 … so far.

There’s over an hour of video in this course.

As always with my Zadroni training, you get access first at a reduced rate – the public price is $99.99, but you only pay $9.99 (but only until the weekend, when the price goes to $99.99 for everyone).

If you’ve bought a Zadroni training before, you’ll see that I always keep my word on this – if I tell you the price is going up, it always does.

So, if you want to raise from a few hundred to a few thousand in the next few days, spend some time studying these video lectures … raise the money next week …. you’ll be in business the week after.

This works in any country incidentally and works just as well for a new, not-yet-started business as it does for expansion of an existing business. Many have used it (hint) as a free way to get more publicity for an existing product or service!).

This link will get you full access for $9.99 (plus VAT, if you’re in Europe).