You have an audience.

And you want to generate some revenue.

Which means, you need to sell something, right?

But how do you find out what your audience wants?

Experts will tell you to take a survey.

But… people lie on surveys.

As Steve Jobs said, “People don’t know what they want until you give it to them.”

So… what do you give them?

According to Derek Halpern, you do it with one conversational (not survey-ish) question:

“What are you struggling with?”

People are okay with lying on surveys because it’s just a survey. But they don’t like to lie to other people, because that’s dishonest.

Your job is to open a conversation with each subscriber and listen to what they have to say.

You might do this by sending the question out to your existing list, and then adding the question to the welcome email you send to new subscribers.

“What are you struggling with?”

People will tell you their problems.

And when you find the cure to those problems, people will buy it.

Once last thing:

When people respond with their answers, they’re opening up to you.

They expect a reply.

Give it to them, or they’re going to resent you.

When you do respond, you’ll increase loyalty and customer satisfaction because people love the personal attention.

Be sure to modify the question to suit your niche and marketplace. Put it into your own words and find out what your customers want to buy from you.