Create a Profitable Sales Funnel – Here’s 17 Ways

Create a Profitable Sales Funnel

The other day, I received an email from a coaching student who wanted to know how to create a profitable sales funnel.

I know this a problem encountered by many people, and that’s why I saw the need to discuss it.

There are proven techniques one can use to boost sale funnels selling power, from your squeeze page to the ads you place, your sales letter, your backend, and your blog.

Here are 17 proven techniques that can work for you:

1. Ask for action. Whether it is a solo ad, Adwords, a banner, a sales page, a squeeze page, or even a blog post, have a clear call-to-action. Tell your reader what you want them to do instead of leaving them stranded after reading your post. Make it clear and simple as well.

2. Always offer free content. To establish yourself as an authority and trusted expert, you need to offer free information such as articles, podcasts, reports, videos, etc. Your readers will like you for that.

3. Make sure to describe your lead generating report in a very enticing way. Make it look as though it is a $100 product.

4. Create a great cover for your product or report, and don’t take shortcuts on this. Hire a professional graphics designer to create a superb cover for your report and make it look like it belongs on the best sellers’ list.

5. Take time to choose the right title. Whether it is a free report, product, or a blog post, give it a title or a name that captures attention or one that creates curiosity. If you can do both, you will score major bonus points.

6. Add your address to your sales page and squeeze page. Make it easier for your readers to find your blog. Include a real address so that people can trust you.

7. Include your headshot photo in any applicable place. Unless you have a face only a mother can love (and trust me, you are attractive), having your face appearing throughout your sales funnel will make you look like a real person to your prospect; not just a faceless person who your prospect cannot relate to. Make sure you use the best photo. You can use social media to help pick the photo that makes you seem like a likable and trustworthy person to your prospects.

8. Have your discounts expressed in a dollar amount and not as a percentage. Most people don’t like math. For instance, instead of 10% off, have it read $10 off. This will convert better

9. I’m sure you know those dashed lines used around coupons. Thanks to conditioning they also work online for creating curiosity and making sales. You should use them on your order page.

10. Use a positive headline that affirms an attainable action in your order page coupon- Yes, I want to lose 20 pounds in the next 45 days!

11. Offer your customer 2 or 3 choices, and perhaps a starter option, a deluxe option, and a full option.

12. Avoiding using lighter dashed lines in your banner ads to increase response.

13. Make your headline straightforward. It should stress a benefit or an offer for free information. However, it should create curiosity. Test your headlines, in fact, test a couple of them. If this seems like a lot of work to you, have your VA do it for you.

14. For those who don’t have a VA, consider getting one to help you do the little stuff that takes a lot of time while you focus on improving your funnel.

15. Are you giving a free consultation or eBook? Or are you offering your product at a surprisingly low price? Put that in your headline.

16. Offer a tangible bonus. For instance, most people offer a free recording, video, eBook, etc. Instead, offer a tangible item like a hardcopy book. Have it shipped to your reader via Amazon. Obviously, this bonus will only work on higher priced products.

17. Give a free sample. Yes, this seems old school, but it works. Offer a free chapter or a free 30-minute consultation. You can also offer the first two videos or your 10-video course. If you deliver as per your promise and create curiosity, you will get more sales.

Final Note

If you are already doing most of the above things and your sales are still not up to the level you may like, you will want to look at the big picture.

Is your offer attractive enough?

Is your product helpful?

Does it solve a problem?

Is it worth the price?

All the marketing in the world will not cover up for a lousy offer.

For instance, you cannot sell a 1970 Pinto for a million dollars, but you can sell late model cars for $10,000 all day long.

If you find out that your offer is the problem, you need to ask yourself questions such as whether you are overcharging for your product or maybe the market simply does not like your product.

Finally, don’t give up because the only people who fail are the ones who throw in the towel when they encounter trouble.