Change Your Life My Easy Way

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How to change your life.

Most people suffer from a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, or just being not good enough.

To be precise 85% of the people.

This makes it hard for them to change your life because of self-doubt.

It all starts in childhood; you see yourself as a lesser being, or someone says something to you that makes you feel inferior.

You keep replaying the same thing in your mind until your mind records and memorize it.

This becomes a crucial factor that affects everything that you do and think.

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem affects your life in many ways.

In the same way, learning to love yourself from deep down inside your heart truly can have the same effect on your life.

Loving yourself is a simple practice that can be transformative.

However, it takes a lot of practice to overcome the negative thoughts you have recorded in your mind and change your life.

I was there as well but one Kindle book that I read totally changed my life.

The author explained how his life had hit rock bottom because of the misery and pain he had encountered.

So one day he took an initiative to change his situation.

He got out of his bed, staggered to his workstation, and jotted down the following in his notebook …

From this day, I vow and promise to love myself, treat myself as someone I truly and deeply love, both in my actions and thoughts.

The choices I will make, the experiences I will have, and the moments I spend, I decide to LOVE MYSELF.

After making that decision, he began reminding himself how much he loved himself.

He uttered the words “I love myself” every morning, throughout the day whenever he remembered, and when going to bed.

This became like a ringtone that kept ringing in his mind, over and over again.

Things began to change, and his body began to heal.

His life got better, and great things started happening to him.

This was changed by repeating the three magical words “I love myself.”

Even if you don’t find this beneficial, it won’t cost you to consider it.

You don’t have to believe in its impact; you just have to repeat these words over and over again to change your life.

It won’t bring miracles in your life in an overnight, but with time, you will begin to notice several changes in the way you view your life, business, and feelings.