Podcasting Profit Secrets

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Podcasting Profit Secrets

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A Step-By-Step Course On Launching A Highly Profitable Podcast To Build Your Brand And Sell More Products

The course includes:

Lecture 1 - 4 Easy Steps To Starting An Awesome Podcast

Lecture 2 - 5 Podcast Monetization Methods You Can Use Today

Lecture 3 - 5 Podcast Styles You Can Follow

Lecture 4 - 6 Secret Tricks To Producing Powerful Content

Lecture 5 - 7 Easy Ways To Promote Your Podcast

Lecture 6 - 10 Essential Tools For Podcasting Success

Lecture 7 - How To Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes

Lecture 8 - How To Select The Right Hosting For Your Podcast

Lecture 9 - Why You Need To Choose A Podcast Niche

Lecture 10 - 3 Reasons Why Podcasting Can Be Good For Your Business

as well as 10 downloadable audio lectures, 10 tips on creating a successful podcast, a checklist, a mindmap and a step-by-step guide.