It seems like every day someone somewhere writes to me trying to sell me some magic solution.

And in nearly every case, as you know, it’s utter tosh (nonsense!).

I had a lovely email from a student over the weekend about my recent 50,000 articles offer.

He’d heard about “Google Penalties” and was understandably concerned.

Here’s how I replied:

There were some stories going around the internet a few years ago that Google would “only list unique content” but they were spread by people with ulterior motives - i.e. to sell you their secret software etc!

As long ago as 2008 Google posted this, on their own blog:

“You can help your fellow webmasters by not perpetuating the myth of duplicate content penalties!”

Genuine bad examples include having the same content multiple times on the same site, of course - but Google even gives examples of where this is acceptable here:

See what I mean?

Ordinary decent people are being scared into never getting going.

They’re told you need to buy this, you need to learn this, you must press this button and that button will blow up your computer.

OK, I exaggerated on the blowing up your computer bit, but you know what I’m getting at here!

You want success.

But do remember, please, that you - and only you - define your own success.

Whether it’s a promotion at work, having your own business, regular travel, whatever - it’s what you want.

If you want success, it’s easy.

You just need to start now.

Not in an hour.

Not next week.

Not after the children leave home.


Right now.

And ignore those whose sole source of income is selling you rubbish, please.

They’re a scourge on society - and on your bank balance.

And on our sanity.

I Received An Email ...

I got another email over the weekend, cancelling the daily newsletter.

No problem with that - every email I send costs me money of course, so I’d rather have readers who want to hear what I have to say.

This reader was, however, complaining that he would never use “facebook or twidder” (?) and that he knew that successful people only ever used Apple products and that it’s well-known that they were created by the Devil, so he’d never use them.

Sad to see him go, in a way …..

Alun Was Thinking Over The Weekend ....

  • The opposite of Alec Baldwin is Alec Hairloss

  • “4 out of 5” sounds a lot better than “8 out of 10”, despite them being the same thing

  • Nothing inspires confidence as much as an x-ray lab technician leaving the room for their own safety while you get x-rayed

  • How come the outer side of T-shirt seams are smoother and therefore would definitely feel better against your skin than the inner side?

  • Am I the only person to feel sorry for the person who has to type all those credits at the end of a movie, which no-one watches? Unless your name is there, of course!

  • The first person to ever eat a crab must have been really hungry

  • Same with the first person to catch and heat a haggis

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