What If You Had Done It, Though?

I'm in the middle in this photo, with a white pole growing out of my head. I've since had it surgically removed. Possibly.

If you don't start a small business because your worry level of failing is "acute", then the pain of regret from not doing it will be "chronic". 

Sure, you may fail and yes, doing all that work and then getting no readers, no subscribers or no sales will hurt, but:

  • What if you do get thousands of people on your email list?
  • What if your blog does get read by thousands of people who love you?
  • What if you do sell hundreds of dollars of products every single day?

So, what if all this is perfectly possible if you follow the training and the proven systems I show you ... yet you never start your business?

The only question you’ll be asking years from now is what if you had done it .....

So, please don’t be afraid to take a chance - and do start your business today.


If Life Shuts a Door…

…open it again.

It’s a door.

That’s how they work.