How To Become a Consultant – Today!

Become A Consultant

How To Become a Consultant – Today!

Everyone would like to add a new income stream to their business.

Some are also looking to revolutionize their whole business.

And I have an option you can try – becoming a consultant.

First, you need to gather knowledge and it has to be specialized knowledge.

If you are expert at a certain software, or a WordPress expert, or you know a practical method on how a person can drop 5 percent of their body fat, you can become a consultant.

Remember that you need to have knowledge that people can apply right now.

After you have enough knowledge, the next thing is to get your consulting services to people who need it.

Let’s say, for instance, you are an affiliate for a program or software that you know all the details about.

I’m sure you have the emails of everyone who has ever bought something from you or that has optin into your list.

Maybe sometimes these people email you asking you a couple of things about your product.

Where is the…?

Or how do I…?

What should do I do from here?

And so on.

As a good affiliate, you probably answer these questions, and you answer them satisfactorily.

But what if you can get paid to do that?

To earn from this service, set up a page on your site and tell your audience that you are offering your consulting service by email.

Charge a reasonable fee for this, such as $27 or even $47 for a week for this consulting service.

Come up with an appropriate price for the information you are offering.

Remember, most people are lazy doing things themselves and would rather have someone show them how something is done rather than having to figure it out for themselves.

They will gladly pay for your service as you will make their lives easier.

That’s all there is to it.

Answer all their questions by email.

Keep in mind that you are a consultant and not a technical advisor (unless that’s what you are).

This way, you will be focusing on the questions you can answer, and answer well.

Bonus Tip: Look for related forums to find out the most common questions your users are asking about the topic, and then use them for Search Engine Opimization for your site to rank higher for profitable keywords.

Then on all pages of your site, tailor them in the direction of your consulting!