Live Discussion: A Very Successful Product Launch (Audio & Transcript)

Gary:                Hey everybody this is Gary with another edition of Brainstorming Counts here with Paul Counts and Paul, how you doing today?

Paul:                 Doing Great. Doing really well and really happy to be here. Love these calls.

Gary:                Yeah, me too. Me Too. Well we just came off a very successful product launch and I thought it might be a good time to cover some of the things that might be able to help every one increase their profits with their own launches. Um, so we initially started with a small test to the written sales letter to see if the product would actually convert at $47 and proved that it would at that price point. Do you normally do this on all launches, you know, to test the price points or do you have a feel for certain offers and what they’ll sell for?

Paul:                 I have feel for them. I kind of look at what, you know, what the market buying and you know, there’s other factors that come into play. Like, there’s times where I’m trying to, um, you know, I try to, I try to see like what the audience wants and even though it did convert at that 47 price point, uh, we did have to drop the price significantly to get our conversions at their optimal level. And so, you know, you try to go in with the best field, the best intentions, but I’m testing it’s a great way to go because you can test it with kind of your own traffic or couple of affiliates and then, you know, going into launch, which kind of helped us kind of dictate what needed to be changed when we fully um, opened the doors for all affiliates. And that helped a lot because I was able to, you know, test it out. So anytime you can get test traffic, you’re really in a, in a great spot to do that. And so, you know, it’s a really good strategy to go that path.

Gary:                So things did start out a little slow for us and I looked it up when we actually went from a point six seven conversion rate to eventually over a six percent conversion rate on the front end and we ended up with conversions on the backend of over seven and a quarter percent. So anyone looking to have a launch or maybe for the first time, then you need to know that this is an ongoing process throughout the launch and you just can’t slap up a sales page, not testings or change things and expect to make a lot of money. So Paul, what kind of advice would you give someone that has never launched a product before?

Paul:                 Yeah. So for somebody that’s never launched a product don’t be discouraged when you’re first, you know, when your first launch maybe flops or when you don’t get the conversions you’re expecting or the sales or the affiliates that are going to mail. I mean, I’ve been in this business 17 years and there’s never been a launch where everybody’s mailed as I anticipated. There’s never been a launch where conversions or it’s perfect because I thought right out of the gate, um, there’s never been a launch like that. And so once I got through that, you know, that mindset of, hey, you know, it’s not going to come out the door perfectly and even if you have the best sales copy, which I thought we had pretty good sales copy going in, I felt like, all right, this is a winning offer. It, you know, it fell flat on its face.

Paul:                 And so we had to change the product name. We had to tweak a headlines, we had to change the slight direction of the copy. So instead of talking about the


, we went more to this is a way to get instant authority, you know, and that made a difference to people know because people were looking at this going, we’re buying a private label rights product that didn’t get them as excited as it did. The instant authority, instant credibility. And I talked to friends too in the business. I looked at, you know, some other sales pages that were currently performing on Jv Zoo. And I just Kinda went and just made, made constant changes, I mean, every day as you saw clear up until the last day, we were making tweaks and changes and those numbers that you read off that seven and a quarter percent. And actually when we closed the launch was actually closer to seven point eight, um, the reason it dropped to seven and a quarters because we raised the price, you know, as we promised that we would do.

Paul:                 So we jumped the price like 50 bucks. And so conversions would’ve continued actually to uptick, I believe. Um, but they just dropped off because we, you know, we did what we said we’re going to do, which was raised the price, which is a good thing to do because it makes your customers take action next time. But we still had some people still buy it at the higher level, but it kind of forces your audience to take action in the future. You know, they look at that and they say, oh, he’s, you know, he’s a man of, you know, they are a man of their word. And they, they mean business when they say they’re going to increase the price, so we better jump in next time. And so you want an honor those things as much as you can. So, um, you know, so that’s, that’s where, um, you know, those numbers so that you read off those are on par with some of my, my, the better launches that I’ve seen and that I’ve done.

Paul:                 And, and actually we were right up there with some of the bigger video softwares on Jv Zoo and um, you know, as far as our conversion rates go. So very pleased gate with a very low percentage. Um, I’ve never really had a launch come out that Lo, um, I’ve had them come out lower, but um, that was pretty low. And so it’s pretty miraculous. And we turned it around from a [inaudible] something that converted at almost seven percent. So that’s a, you know, it just goes to the testament to testing, tweaking, changing, modifying, being willing to put in the effort, being willing to work hard and to, to just stay focused. And I mean that’s what it boils down to is just being willing to put in the elbow grease, you know, put in that extra effort. So yeah, cause you even called it, I think we’re about three percent.

Paul:                 And you said by the time this is over, it’ll be eight percent. You were pretty darn close at some point. A. Yeah. Yeah, we were very, very close on that. And I feel if we had one more day we would’ve, we would’ve definitely gone over it because every day it was edging up there. Um, but you know, we had to just out of respect to our affiliates and what we promised we had to, we had to raise that price and you know, and also we also have done a few private promotions with affiliates. So we picked up a few more and you know, and, and so yeah, I definitely Kinda knew I’ve been in this long enough to know that if you just stay the course, it’s going to work out. And, you know, the, the other, I guess the big lesson I got from this product launch here that I want to relate to everybody listening to this is you don’t have to be, you don’t have to have a flashy product or offer, you don’t have to have a flashy software product.

Paul:                 You don’t have to have this video software of the day that seems to always go out there and you can have good, solid, you know, Internet marketing advice or content, good solid training courses that people will buy me some of the best selling offers on clickbank and JV zoo. Even the people don’t realize are, um, you know, information type products. And so, you know, for people that maybe look at the leader boards on, on a JB zoo, right? And they just, they oftentimes strategist, you know, they might just see software, they might get discouraged and think, boy, how am I going to have a chance because I’m not a software developer in order. I want to pay thousands and thousands of software made. Um, you don’t have to, you know. And so, um, I had been somebody that sold e-books. Primarily, I’ve done a few software stuff, but nothing huge there.

Paul:                 And you know, the reality is, is that if you have a good offer and if you’re willing to stick with it. And that’s the other thing is I’m not a flashy launch where I kinda, you know, I liken myself to um, you know, to a, not a superstar, so not like a, I wouldn’t be that household name, like we’re talking sports, right? So I wouldn’t be like the King Griffey Jr, you know, that everybody knows, um, but I might be like that, um, you know, the, the Joey Cora, the second basement and the mayors had when they were great, you know, but nobody really knows of him, but you’re just somebody that’s consistent and you’re there in the big leagues are performing with everybody else, but maybe you’re not a household name and you know, and that’s, you know, one thing. Yes, a lot of people know who I am and, and, uh, you know, my name’s gotten out there more, but the reality is I’m not some flashy guy that goes out there and does this launch.

Paul:                 That does amazing in day one and then it fizzles out and I see a lot of guys do that with their launches. In fact, you probably noticed this, Gary, during our launch, there’s a lot of launches that they actually burst at the top of the leaderboard and then they were gone. They were gone and ours just stayed up there. Yes, we were number six. We were number five or number three or number seven. Number eight, you know, every day of the launch we had a 10 day launch. We remained in the top 10 of Jv Zoo. And so it’s all about consistency. And at the end of the day we sold this many copies, if not more than many of those flash in the pans. So, you know, that’s it’s all about staying the course.

Gary:                Yeah. And you mentioned earlier that product name and both of us missed this because I thought it was a solid product name, you know, coming out and we’re both looking at this and it’s like not converting like it should be. And you know, fortunately you have some other people that you can kind of rely on and you went to almost like, hey, what’s up? And they kind of like, oh, it’s the product name and change that. And that’s really when a conversion started to tick up and really take off after that. Yeah, it really was

Paul:                 willing to take that extra time, you know, a little extra less sleep, you know, and, and rebrand. It’s not easy to rebrand a whole offer to do a new graphics and everything, but it was worth it. And it really kind of saved this launch and you know, and it’s one of those things too, like you can have the best intentions in the world with your Internet business or with your product or offer. And you could think this is the best offer I’ve ever made. I mean I felt we had a solid offer, are tremendous name. And I thought it was unique and you know, but your audience tells you what’s going to work. And so you have to swallow your pride. Check your ego at the door when you’re doing this internet business and say it’s not about what I think’s going to convert about what the customers are going to tell you there until you buy the pay them opening up their wallet or their paypal and buying your product. And if they’re not buying your product then you have an issue. And so you have to be willing to swallow that, you know, check your ego at the door and make the changes. And that’s, you know, that’s what I’ve learned in this business. You have to be willing to make those changes or you know, you are not going to um, you know, to make it very long in this business. So, um, you know, you just gotta be willing to make tweaks and changes as they come to you.

Gary:                Yeah. And it actually made all the difference in the world for this particular launch. So as far as the episodes go, do you ever change the order, the upsells or the price points, or do you do any testing in that manner?

Paul:                 Yeah, so when it comes to the upsells, I, it is common for me to either add additional upsells if I feel that they would fit and they’re related to the offer. That’s also why I’m a big proponent of having private labor rights content on your hard drive because it allows you to add into a funnel so you can generate more, more sales and more revenue. Um, it’s also very common that I’ve actually changed the order because what happens is that your first upsell for almost everybody that buys sees that, but then you see a kind of a trickle off where they kind of taper off towards the last up. So. And so there’s been times where I’ve moved up. So that was the last one to like position three and it actually, that offers started to get more sales and more attention. So you know, there’s times where you can play around with that order and you really want to make sure that first up sell pulls the best because that’s going to make your affiliates really happy because affiliates are super happy when they start to see upsell sale comes in.

Paul:                 It makes them want to continue to promote your product over and over again, so that’s when you start to get affiliates to get excited and start to really push a product really hard is, you know, when they start to see those upsells sales come in and so I have done that and also we’ve talked about this on past sessions, but I’ve been really key when it comes to a sales funnel of making my. No thank you links really stand out. So you know, in the past they used to put them in the very bottom of my page. There were small font because I thought, oh I just want people to buy. That’s it. But then the reality is if they are going through your funnel and that upsell offer, the upgrade offer does not resonate with them. Then you know, they basically are having a hard time finding the next step in the, in the process.

Paul:                 So they’re just going to exit out and they’re not going to see maybe up sell two or three, which actually may have been a good fit for them. Right. So I’ve started to put multiple. No thank you. Links below each buy button and I make them a little bit larger and that helps make sure I get people all the way through my funnel and so that’s been really, really key for me. You can also play with pricing and the sales funnel done that in the past and that does make a difference in sales. You can test an offer, you can add maybe additional bonuses to a certain upsell and I started trying to be careful about calling them instead of one time offers. I tried to call them special offers or upgrade offers and the reason I do that is because I want to be able to sell this to people later on because like I said earlier, there’s times where people, for whatever reason, they didn’t buy your up sells.

Paul:                 Sometimes it could just be they flat out didn’t see it and if you’re calling it a one time offer and you’re saying this is the only time you’re going to see it. You’ve kind of shot yourself in the foot because now you can email your list and say all your buyers and say, Hey, check out these upgrades, which we’re actually going to be doing this on this launch in the coming week. I’m actually going to be emailing all the buyers the different upgrades and why they should get those because you know, that’s something I’ve started doing on past launches and I find it really boosts my revenue without having to do a lot of extra work. And the beauty behind that is, is that you are getting your offer back in front of people and some of them are customers that maybe never even saw that offer.

Paul:                 But if you’re sitting there on your video and you say, this is, you know, watch this video now because it’s the only one time you’re going to see it. You’ve just, you know, minimize your chances to show that to them again. And if you do show it to them again, they think you’re joking. You know. So I’ve started to call them special offers and upgrade offers is a very special upgrade opportunity and that seems to work pretty well. So I’ve tried to avoid the old one time offer thing smart wouldn’t know, would have never occurred to me to do that, but just because it’s so ingrained in me of the verbiage used with Internet marketing as a whole. Correct. Yeah. And did you do any split testing on the front end at all? And if so, what did you do? Yeah, so I did. I actually didn’t do on this one any particular split testing.

Paul:                 So now you know, I would recommend jv zoo as a pretty cool split testing feature where you actually get two different buy now buttons and you can actually just set up the new buy now button on another page. So if you want to like split test the headline, which is very common to do or split test the messaging or the direction like um, or split test a video, like a short video or a longer video. There’s different things you could split test like that. For me, what I tend to do is I just make the changes and then I see how, how things happen. It’s a little bit unorthodox from what most people do. Um, but I’ve been in this business long enough to where I can say I’m almost 95 percent certain this, this tweak is going to enhance the conversions and it does, as we saw with this launch, there wasn’t a day where it didn’t increase conversions.

Paul:                 Right. So, you know, it helps you and I’ve been able to do that consistently and it’s just that had been in the business long enough to say, you know what, adding this here is going to make a difference, right? Adding, you know, this graphic is going to make a difference. Leveraging credibility, like one of the tweaks that I’ve made and I could’ve split test this too, but I didn’t feel it was necessary because I felt like it was going to add value to it. But [inaudible] does make that really easy. So just so you guys know, and you know, in a perfect world you probably, you know, you could definitely split tests and I would definitely encourage so you get accurate numbers. I’ve just been fortunate to be in this business long enough to say, you know what, this is leveraging credibility like the newsletter angle.

Paul:                 So we’re selling newsletters here. So I thought OK, we’re selling people done for you newsletter, so why not demonstrate to people why newsletters are important, you know, and how experts in the business are using newsletters. Now. I didn’t actually go out and get testimonials from people that said they’re using my newsletters. I went out there and borrowed credibility from experts like, you know, Bill Glazer from Dan Kennedy’s marketing institute that talked about how newsletters have made his business way more profitable and everything like that. I went and found a few other experts from my tv shows that are big entrepreneurs and you know, she was talking about newsletters is the reason that she took her business from zero to multi, multimillion dollars in sales annually was because the newsletters. So I was able to pull stories from people and borrow their credibility at the same time, not stealing anything from them.

Paul:                 I’m showing their picture, their website links are out there. I mean these are, are from, you know, this is their information that they’ve posted all over the web. So it’s not like I’m stealing something, I’m just borrowing their credibility and authority. And so people are going, oh wow. Yeah, these experts also use newsletter. So maybe I should too. And so by doing that, that actually helped a lot and that’s a, those are those little tweaks and enhancements you can make is like, OK, how can I take my offer and leveraged, you know, borrow credibility and um, you know, do that. So that’s a really cool, cool strategy to do there.

Gary:                I noticed that, um, you did it on this offer and on this launch and I’ve seen doing on other launches, um, you put a coupon out there and have you found, have you tested that against not offering a coupon and doesn’t increase conversions? I would, off the top of my head, I would have to say yes, but everything’s not necessarily so sometimes

Paul:                 I’ve been using coupons the last several launches because they make a huge difference and I, and I kind of caught on to that old movement because I saw all these jv zoo launches out there that were at the top of the leaderboard and I was looking at the ones that were at the top and the other offers that did not have coupons. And I started to see a pattern and it just seemed like for whatever reason the coupons were getting people to take action. And I think, you know, part of it is, is that people like to get a good deal. Um, it gives the affiliates and other angle to push. And so there’s all sorts of little factors like that. And so, um, you know, coupons, whether it’s $2 off, we went a little more aggressive, did $10 off, but it actually pulled really well. Um, but you can go to off.

Paul:                 I’ve seen people just offer five percent off. So it’s literally only like, you know, a dollar or two off the product, but it gets people excited to use it. And so, um, it also allows you to do urgency so every day you could have a new coupon code and you can almost keep it. I’ve seen marketers do this, which is pretty wide, but they say at the end of the day this coupon code goes away and then they just put up a new coupon code the next day and it’s for the same exact. But basically they did hold true because that coupon code is gone right. And so, um, you know, so it’s kind of a cool way to do that and it Kinda helps you add, it builds in more urgency, so knowledge of the urgency of your launch closing, but you have the urgency that every single day your coupon could be gone away.

Paul:                 Now we didn’t do that on this launch. We were focused more on some other stuff and I didn’t personally feel that doing that on this particular launch, just the way it was going, um, would make things a little bit different. But if you had a, you know, we, we have quite a few affiliates promoting but we didn’t get this huge push like I thought we would and that’s fine because as you saw gary, the scratching and clawing and pushing hard and making changes still landed us in the top 10 still ended up, you know, on the top 10 almost every day. And that was because of these changes and because of, you know, it wasn’t a flashy launched but it was a successful launch. A little bit shocked because the first time we not the first time it was on one of the days anyways that were in the top 10.

Paul:                 And I think we were at number 10 on winning. And I actually looked at the number of sales at that point. And prior to this I always thought well, you know, you had to have 5,000, 200 sales to be able to top 10. Well at that particular point we had 12 sales. So it’s not that hard to get into the top 10 sometimes depending on it already out there and the time of day. And, you know, a lot of different factors, but that was a little bit shocked with that. Yeah, it is. It’s not as hard to get up there as you think. And then, um, you know, to get into that top six range that we were in, you’ve got to have quite a few more, you know, um, but it’s not as many as you would think. So it’s not like hundreds and hundreds of sales. And that’s the thing like um, you know, we, we had a great launch, we could’ve done, you know.

Paul:                 Yeah, there could have been more. The only thing we were lacking in this launch was traffic. It definitely, conversions were great. Um, you know, we just needed more traffic and that comes from, you know, getting, you know, more affiliates behind it. And the thing is though, is because of this launch performing well, we have a huge affiliate. It’s going to be mailing here in a few days. And so, you know, that kind of stuff happens. I’ve got another, you know, a couple of big affiliates that are going to mail an older off or I have to, you know, down the line and you just never know who’s going to mail and stuff. So, um, you know, so there’s all kinds of things like that too. So the last thing, you dropped a facebook pixel on the front end and you re target on facebook. Um, and I was just curious as far as your ad spend versus what kind of revenue came in, how successful was that?

Paul:                 Yeah. So, um, yeah, so that was super successful. So I felt like when we did that, you know, it did, that it actually became a very successful. So I felt, you know, we spent, I’m trying to think the numbers on that. Um, you know, we spent probably another two, I was like $200 in the retargeting, but I had people that, you know, and I saw an uptick in sales. Now did I track it now? Should I have, yes, there’s a conversion pixel that I should have landed on the page that I didn’t. Um, but that actually did also, um, it, I did notice an uptick in sales when I started running that ad and I noticed some more affiliates, like on a day I didn’t mail that we’re getting traffic from non affiliates and so that’s a good thing because that actually meant that that ad was pulling out a few friends of mine, marketing friends of mine that were saying your ad is following me all over facebook now, you know, that’s pretty cool.

Paul:                 And so, you know, people definitely were taking note. They were seeing it and we got quite a few clicks on that. And um, I would, I would encourage retargeting. I think it’s great way to go and um, you know, we also have an offer that we can hit in the future because it was following me all over the place too. So yeah, it’s great. It really does well because it gets people back. And also, um, use proves there’s a service called use proof. So, um, you can just go to a use proof [inaudible] service that, um, that I started using. It allows you to have those, um, you know, tells you, like when people purchase now, during this time was kind of funny. It customer, um, who’s also an affiliate of mine and, you know, somebody I respect in the business a bit. She was like, they were upset that their picture was seen online, you know, so she was pretty upset about it.

Paul:                 Um, the after she bought the product, she was shocked to see her picture showing up with W, with her location. And so I actually disabled that use per feature for a short time so I could sort it out and that’s why you probably saw a difference where in order to kind of, you know, there were some people that were upset about it. So I decided, all right, I’m going to just change how use proof displays it and just show the, the image of the product, the color of the product. And then also, um, just say someone instead of their name, someone from this location, so just pulled their ip address. So that was perfect. And so that kind of calm her down and make people happy. And, and, um, you know, and that’s kind of actually how I do it moving forward just because I, you know, I never thought of it being a privacy issue.

Paul:                 I just thought, well, you know, it’s your information’s out there and, and you know, you’re a huge company. I mean, so many, many thousands and thousands of websites are using them. So I just thought it was common place, but there’s people pretty upset and they had some good arguments and so I went and made that tweak. But I didn’t notice that when I did not have that running, I was frantic to find a way to fix it. And I luckily found it within a few hours, but conversions went down. I mean, and, and I’ve seen that um, conversion, one of our upticks in convergence is going to add it to use proof to the page and it’s, it’s social proof. People buy with social proof. So they, you know, they buy from, from social proof and they, you know, that’s important to them. So is, you know, is are other people buying this product to, you know, and they kind of that me too mentality. And so that’s what a software like that does, that’s why you see those so much on, on top JV zoo offers just goes to show, you know, people getting upset with her picture on her stuff. It’s like you never stop learning in this business because something

Gary:                just didn’t occur to you or wouldn’t occur to me. Um, but yeah. So I guess on that note, I guess we’ll go ahead and wrap it up for this time. I think it’s been a great session. I think a lot of insights that people can use to increase their conversions and or sales on our own launches a. So this is Gary with another addition to brainstorming accounts with Paul counts and we’ll see you guys next time. All right, thanks guys.