6 Types Of Businesses That Need SEO


SEO has now become a powerful asset among business owners to increase website traffic. Its focus is not merely on the quantity of traffic, but its quality as well––making use of rich content, photos, videos, well-written posts, and interactive websites to attract the right visitors who will engage. In fact, Search Engine Land has found that 70–80% of users ignore sponsored results because they prefer organic content.

SEO has actually become quite accessible, as there are many resources available to even small businesses.

Digital marketing company Ayima explain that over 85,000 digital professionals use their Google Chrome extension to optimize their websites for SEO. It has become so simple that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. In a previous post on‘Easy SEO: Yes, There is Such a Thing’ details how the process can be simple – especially when you open your eyes to see that it’s not solely confined to Google, but other search engines like Amazon or YouTube as well.

So, with that in mind, here are 6 businesses that need SEO:

Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Companies

SEO will provide you with a stream of web users searching for solutions to problems, who will need to come across your software to provide them with actionable resolutions. SimpleTiger’s Sean Smith says that one prevailing trend is that search engines like Google will not merely display multiple software companies, but just a couple of them, together with a number of reviews, listicles or roundups, and educational content – as search engines now believe that they will help users make more informed decisions on the service they will ultimately choose.

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals should consider SEO as their particular specializations can already provide them a competitive edge. Their existence as local business can help anyone searching for help to cure their symptoms or alleviate pain. Ranking highly with the help of SEO can immediately connect you to future patients who are in need of your services, and in the long-term help build credibility online.


Startups must incorporate SEO to boost brand awareness. Digital media consultant John Boitnott told the Entrepreneur that this will help new businesses understand consumer behavior and needs early on. It will not only help you launch your product or service, it will help you see how it grows. It’s a wise tactic for companies in their infancy as it also builds relationships, trust, and credibility with future customers.


Restaurants should consider local SEO strategies for a particular location. Local SEO capitalizes on proximity to users who want to find the best places to eat within their area. You don’t always need a website to do this, as long as you provide complete listing details, with menus, photos, and the like, which can be done with the free tool Google My Business.

Legal Professionals or Law Firms

The National Law Review states that anyone searching for an attorney, a question, legal jargon, or service may be your next potential client especially if you appear to be one of the first visible results. SEO tools will assist in increasing your ranking with keywords to make your articles, bio pages, services, and other resources visible and relevant to your potential clients.


Given that all of the aforementioned industries operate online, it’s strategic to work on your SEO rankings to make your products visible to potential buyers. Each product should have its own separate page for information and descriptions so that users can compare these alongside other choices. It’s imperative that your products are findable and searchable, or you could risk losing revenue to sites that offer similar deals but have paid more attention to working on optimizing their content and product descriptions.