Profiting From 404 Error Pages

404 Error Pages

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to prevent 404 error pages on your site, sooner or later your prospects will land on one.

At that point, they will have a choice of trying to find what they were looking for or just give up.

Guess what happens when they click a link, and it returns a 404 error page?

They leave your site in frustration.

Therefore, instead of the usual image of a disappointed dog with the caption “Whoops! We’re sorry the page you were looking for has moved” consider customizing your error pages such that it offers them a direction to take.

For instance, you can give them an option to opt into your list with a different offer than what was on your landing page.

An example would be, “Congrats! You just found our hush-hush page where we offer___. Just tell us where we can send it and it will be yours.”

Also, you can make an irresistible offer, such as a great deal on one of your most popular products, or two products with one offered at a discounted price.

It can read, “Oops! You just landed on our error page, but we will make it up to you.

Get our super-hot selling __ at 15% of what others are paying on our site.”