Live Discussion: 15 Years Of PLR Secrets (Audio & Transcript)

15 Years Of PLR Secrets (Audio & Transcript)


Gary: Hey everybody and welcome to the first edition of Brainstorming Counts and I am here with PLR Master Paul Counts and we’re going to talk to him a little today about how he got started in the PLR industry and how he kind of actually changed it and I want to go ahead and welcome him now – Paul how are you doing?

Paul: Doing awesome! So glad to be here and very excited to talk about private label rights of course!

Gary: Awesome! So I know one of the things that our listeners are going to want to know is exactly how you got started in PLR and any advice you might be able to give them.

Paul: So I got started in the PLR market as a seller actually back in 2007.

So it’s been a while now so it’s kind of the early stages of it.

In fact it was 2004 Jimmy D.

Brown first came out with the concept of the PLR with like Nicheology and so it’s just phenomenal how it’s just evolved since then.

So it’s 2007 I’d actually was a buyer of PLR prior to that because I was also getting started online.

I’ve been in business on the internet since the early 2000s and then I started doing more stuff with PLR about 2004/2005.

So I’d bought quite a bit of PLR content but I always felt like something was missing and so I kind of set out myself and said you know I am going to be different from the rest and I am going to brand myself as the person that creates high quality video PLR.

So at that point nobody was doing video and offering the licensing rights really.

There were few people but they were very just there was a lot of stuff that was just .

They were kind of missing the point of the product right.

They would give you the product but just a little piece of the content and so there was always those points where you would go through the content and you are still left wondering well okay how do I do this now.

So they would just give them the why they need to do stuff but never really the how to.

So I really went out there to very determined to be the sought after, how to expert on license content, creating really good video tutorials and so that’s what I did just kind of went out there and made that brand.

Because I realize that PLR is so beneficial to people.

And it’s something people can take they don’t have to create the content themselves.

They don’t have to they can instantly have a product to sell.

They can use it as bonuses for paid products, they can use it as bonuses for affiliate products.

They can use it as an upsell on their sales funnels.

They can use it for their for their customers on their download page to help them with certain things and so once I realized how important PLR was to my business that was when I really got that passion to create really high-quality PLR that people could then use.

And so it was 2007 when I launched one of my first PLRs as a traffic training, did really well sold it on the Warrior Forum and then 2008 I came out with what many would call one of my more flagship products was ‘How to Make Money With no Money Down System’.

I mean very long name of course but it sold well on the Warrior Forum and I knew we were on to something there with that market because at that time the Warrior Forum was a very tough place to sell mainly because everybody was so critical.

Everybody was so critical about anything people launched.

And when I launched without getting my head chopped off because I went in there and I started selling four, five, six times the price everybody else was charging because I felt like my content was that good.

And I was kind of nervous because I honestly thought they were going to throw me out of there because the special offer forum everything was $7.00 or less or $17.00 or less.

And so I went in there selling for $37.00 to $97.00 and people loved it.

So I realized we were onto something.

So that’s kind of the brief history of where I’ve come with PLR and So it’s been quite a journey but I’m excited that they keep bringing great content to people.

Gary: Yea I can’t actually remember if that was the first product I bought from you but I had bought some other stuff and I got yours and looked at it and I was like “wow” – I mean you were definitely on to something because that kind of stuff had not been done before to my knowledge and it was simply amazing stuff.

Paul: Oh thank you yea!

Gary: So I guess the next thing I’d like to ask you is what do you feel was the biggest mistake is that you have made?

Paul: Yea with PLR?

Gary: Yeah

Paul: I would say one of my biggest mistakes that I still make to this day is when it comes to buying private label rights because that’s kind of where how you use PLR is going to determine how much money you make with it.

And so the biggest mistake I made there is honestly not actually using it like I should you know.

I still make that mistake just because of time constraints or whatever but it’s amazing when I go back through my hard drive and I go oh my goodness I have some good material here that I should be setting up a sales page and getting out there because I like to tell people you are only good based on how many buying now buttons you have out there, the more buy now buttons you have out there, the more chances you have of getting a customer.

It’s never going to make you a dime unless it is out there.

The key thing I tell people to buy my PLR is well I see this mistake with them is not actually taking the sales copy or taking the product and getting it out there.

It sounds so funny because people are like what should I be doing? Well, get it out there.

It’s the number one thing you can do.

It won’t make anything sitting on your hard drive.

You actually have a zero per cent chance of making a sale unless it’s on the internet.

So the first thing I tell people is get it on the internet.

Don’t even worry about renaming it right away.

You can eventually rename the products but I tell people just get it out there and start selling it and then sometimes I make the same mistake myself and I look back and go, wow I had PLR to that too.

But the thing that I tell people is just get it out there and then you can focus on renaming it, make it perfect it may be getting affiliates to it.

There are people that I’ve watched some of my customers just do a killing of a job where they have actually taken my products.

They have rebranded the sales copy, they did a whole new launch on it and they just killed it with the launch and they did such a good job rebranding it.

I just didn’t recognize what the product was that it was my product.

And so it’s fun to see that as well.

But I am telling you the people that take action and just it out there or even to start using it in your bonuses.

You don’t even have to get it out there on the internet but start taking some of that PLR you have available to or more quality PLR and start using it in your bonuses.

That’s a great way to make money with PLRs.

If you have a current product and can find a private label rights product that is related to your market.

And there’s a lot of really good niche PLR.

So if you just Google search weight loss and private label rights or internet marketing and private label rights, or dating and relationships and private label rights.

If you start doing those kind of Google searches you will find all kinds of PLR, kind of a treasure trove of content that you can start to use.

And so one of the things that I would do with PLRs apart from just getting it out there and making it happen is really just think of ways you can use it.

So if you have a product right now find a related PLR or use a PLR that you already have, make it a bonus to your product.

Make it a fast movers bonus and so when I am launching a product I actually scour my hard drive and see what PLR I have and how I can position some of that as and it’s shocking how much value you can add to a product launch to get more people to buy it.

I also would take my PLR and I’ll use it as bonuses for affiliate promotions.

So I might find a product I really like that I want to promote as an affiliate and then I can put together two or three different PLR products and offer it as bonus if they buy this product through my link and I’ll find that I get a much better conversion rate on my promotion when I take that extra little bit of effort and I don’t have to go out there and create a whole new product at all.

I don’t have to do that at all.

I just have to go out there and create, add it as bonus, use it as a bonus and it’s amazing what happens.

Also up sells.

Anytime you launch a product you should have an up sell.

It’s going to make your affiliates happier because they are going to make more commissions.

Your customers really don’t mind because they are already in the buying process.

You have already done such a good job of selling yourself to them that they bought your front end product, you may as well offer additional value and training to them and so that’s another way that you can use private label rights content.

It’s for your upsells.

Sometimes you can make more on your sells than you do in the entire front end product.

And so that’s another great strategy, a great tip to consider using and then using it for membership sites.

So if you have a membership area or a bunch of private label rights content in your niche market, you could create a membership site.

And in that membership site, you could offer that PLR as a bonus for people to take action and use that and you could be charging $27.00 a month, $17.00 a month $97.00 a month and just all you are doing is including PLR.

I took PLR recently and included it as a bonus because it was really high quality material that I paid a larger licensing fee for but I use it as a bonus for my – for one of – my high ticket programs that I sold for $2000 and the customers were happy because it was a great product.

So it’s a really great product.

So I guess you asked the biggest mistake and I went off on a little tangent there but I wanted to give them some examples of ways they can start to use PLR in their business because it’s not about just using it just as a product only.

You can use it as bonuses.

You can use it as bonuses for an affiliate.

You can use it as bonuses for your own affiliates to help your affiliates have something – another affiliate tool to promote, right.

You can use it on membership sites, you can use it for your upsells.

If you have the rights to give away that content which some PLRs give you that or maybe it’s PLR articles you can bundle them together and you can then create a giveaway report.

And so right there I think I have listed off seven different ways you can make money with PLR successfully.

Gary: A lot for great information in that and you actually already answered a couple of others questions I had for you which is awesome.

So the next thing I want to cover is where do you look to get the ideas for your private label rights products?

Paul: So one of my favorite ways of to get ideas for new PLR is just take what my customers are asking.

So I have a coaching club and so I know what kind of questions people are constantly asking.

I have a membership site as well where there is a Facebook group and there is a different areas where I see the questions that people keep asking.

So those are two of the areas I look to.

You can also go out and I see what kind of topics the market really wants to learn about and that tells me and I also keep a close eye on JVs who as well.

And so if you go to like JVzoo.com, once you are logged in you can click on top sellers and you can see the top selling products for the past the top ten selling products for the past 30 days, seven days, the day prior or like yesterday’s top sellers, there is top sellers for today so it’s very fresh content in sight.

And I can see okay are there patterns to what I am seeing.

Are there certain products that I see that are consistent top sellers.

So like for example on JVs who I see a lot of products related to videos, right, video creation, video content, video marketing I see that’s hot.

I see a lot of things that are about sales funnel.

And so I just kind of by looking at JVzoo, by listening to what my customers talk about I come up with ideas for my next training and what I am going to include.

And the same thing goes for your market too.

If you happen to be a fitness somebody listening to this and you are an expert on fitness or you just want to break into that niche, there are people that the beauty of PLRs – you don’t have to be a big fitness guru.

You can create a well research product based around what people want.

There are several guys like Ronnie Nijmeh from PLR.me.

I mean he is an expert at creating really good quality PLR and various niche markets like self improvement.

That market is really big, the personal finance market, he does really well there.

There are other people that are just like weight loss that have content creators, they just create content for people in the weight loss and fitness markets.

And so you can really carve out a niche for yourself and make a lot of money by selling PLR not just using PLR with all the ways that I just shared with you but by selling PLR and I am telling you there is a lot of money, I tell you right now that if you are to go out and brand yourself like you are just going to go out and create fitness and weight loss related PLR contents and sell it you could do very well.

And just a nice little tidbit there is you could go to Iwriter.com and you could pay somebody to go out there and create a high quality e-book on iwriter.com.

An e-book will run you up to $260.00 up to $375.00 and you could have a really good product created for about that price and then you could turn around and launch that with PLR and it’s a well-researched piece of content that you didn’t have to create.

Gary: Those are some really great tips and for those of you out there listening out there that is million dollar advice.

Paul: It is!

Gary: You hearing from a PLR Master Paul Counts and that’s what he does if he does it and it works then it’s going to work for you.

And with that I think we’ll go ahead and wrap it up for today.

Paul: Ok

Gary: And we appreciate all you guys out there listening to Brainstorming Counts and we’ll see you next time.

Thanks Paul!

Paul: Alright…thank you guys!